What does MSF stand for?

What does MSF stand for?

MSF means “Male Seeking Female.”

What does MFS mean in text?

The abbreviation “MFS” stands for “middle finger salute.” This acronym is most often used in online discussions and text messages on the Internet to represent the phrase “middle finger salute”. This is used to explain the act of giving someone the middle finger. It’s like saying “f**k you”, “screw you” or “up yours”.

What does POF stand for slang?

Definition for POF

Definition: Plenty of Fish (dating website)
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults

What does MFS mean on Snapchat?

This acronym is used most commonly on the internet in online chatting and text messaging to represent the phrase “middle finger salute.” It is used to describe the action of giving someone the middle finger, which is equivalent of saying “fu** you,” “screw you,” or “up yours.” Origin of MFS.

What is a MSF message?

A file with the MSF file extension is most likely a Mozilla Mail Message Index file. The MSF file type originated with the Netscape Mail application, which has since been retired. The MSF file contains email headers and summaries of messages, but does not include all text and content of messages.

What does MSF means in follicular study?

MSF means multiple small follicles That is normal . We also call it as antral follicle count.

What does OSU MFS mean?

mfs is shorf for “motherfuckers” lol.

What is POF next date?

The rules are simple: Once you’ve joined NextDate during our speed dating social hours, you will get paired up with a potential match who has also joined the social hour. You will each follow the prompts and ask questions to get to know each other while the other participants cheer you on.

What does POV mean in texting?

Point Of View
What does POV mean? POV stands for ‘Point Of View’ and refers to a trend in which the video shows the viewer’s point of view of a certain situation.

What can open a MSF file?

The Mozilla Mail Message Index file may be opened with either the Mozilla Thunderbird email application or with the Mozilla Seamonkey Web browser.

  1. Right-click on the MSF file to show the file context menu.
  2. Click “Open With” from the context menu options.

What is Thunderbird MSF file?

msf, is the Mail Summary File of Thunderbird emails. It only contains the headers and the summary of emails. Thunderbird stores the mails in two files- one that holds the actual mail (MBOX File) and the other that holds the index of that particular mail. This index file is referred as the MSF file.

What is MSF in ultrasound?