What does Itamar mean in Hebrew?

What does Itamar mean in Hebrew?

Date Island
Itamar (Hebrew: אִיתָמָר), also transcribed to English as Etamar, Isamar or Ithamar, is a Hebrew male given name. Itamar literally means Date Island.

Where is Itamar from?

Itamar (Hebrew: אִיתָמָר) is an Israeli settlement located in the West Bank’s Samarian mountains, five kilometers southeast of Nablus….Itamar.

Itamar אִיתָמָר‎
Affiliation Amana
Founded 1984
Founded by Amana
Population (2019) 1,269

What does the name Chelle mean?

the one who resembles God
The meaning of Chelle is ‘the one who resembles God’. This is a feminine name of French origin. Traditionally used as a surname rather than as a first name, Chelle is the diminutive form of the name Michelle.

What happened to Eleazar and ithamar?

After the death of his older brothers Nadab and Abihu, he and his younger brother Ithamar were appointed to the charge of the sanctuary. When he died, he “was buried at Gibeah, which had been allotted to his son Phinehas in the hill country of Ephraim”.

Who is Itamar in the Bible?

In the Torah, Ithamar (Hebrew: אִיתָמָר‎, Modern: ʼĪtamar, Tiberian: ʼĪṯāmār, “palm tree isle/coast”; an ancient Hebrew expression for “the father of Tamar”) was the fourth (and the youngest) son of Aaron the High Priest.

What does Tamar mean in Arabic?

Tamara is a female given name most commonly derived from the Biblical name “Tamar” and in the Arabic from the singular form “Tamra” (Arabic: تَمْرَة tamrah) and the plural form “Tamar” (Arabic: تَمْر tamr), meaning in both Hebrew and Arabic the generic name of the fruit “date”, “date palm” or “palm tree”.

What does Tamar mean in Spanish?

tambourine. tambourine wood dove. Tamar. Tamar Noun Plural: Tamars. Translate “Tamar” to Spanish: Tamar.

How do you pronounce the name Chelle?

The name Chelle can pronounced as “SHEL” in text or letters. Chelle is bay girl name, main origion is Hebrew. English meanings of Chelle is “like God” and popular in Christian religion.

What does Ithamar mean in the Bible?