What does it mean to Enamour someone?

What does it mean to Enamour someone?

Definition of enamor transitive verb. 1 : to inflame with love —usually used in the passive with of. 2 : to cause to feel a strong or excessive interest or fascination —usually used in the passive with of or with baseball fans enamored of statistics.

How do you use assort in a sentence?

My son will not assort with people of his own age. 5. My daughter will not assort with people of her own age….arrange or order by classes or categories.

  1. These TV sets do not assort with the samples.
  2. These buttons do not assort with the samples.
  3. The new leader’s statement does not assort with his Party’s principles.

What does being assorted mean?

1 : suited especially by nature or character an ill-assorted pair. 2 : consisting of various kinds assorted chocolates.

What is the meaning of Asstd?

consisting of different or various kinds; miscellaneous: assorted flavors; assorted sizes. consisting of selected kinds; arranged in sorts or varieties: rows of assorted vegetables.

Can you Enamour someone?

enamor Add to list Share. When you are enamored by something or someone, you love it. It attracts you.

What is the difference between sort and assort?

As verbs the difference between sort and assort is that sort is (senseid)to separate according to certain criteria while assort is to sort or arrange according to characteristic or class.

What is an example of assortment?

The definition of assortment is the act of categorizing. An example of assortment is the filing of papers into categorized folders. Assortment is defined as a group of things that vary in type. An example of an assortment is a box of chocolates with varying flavors and kinds.

What does Asst color mean?

Assorted means you’ll get a random color in order to get prime shipping.

Does assortment mean more than one?

An assortment is a bunch different things all together whether they’re the same sort or not.

What is the meaning of assort?

Definition of assort. transitive verb. 1 : to distribute into groups of a like kind : classify. 2 : to supply with an assortment (as of goods)

What is the synonym of assortment?

See synonyms for: assort / assorted on Thesaurus.com verb (used with object) to distribute, place, or arrange according to kind or class; classify; sort. to furnish with a suitable assortment or variety of goods; make up of articles likely to suit a demand.

What is the meaning of as· sort?

as·sort 1 To agree in kind; fall into the same class. 2 To associate with others; keep company. More

What does it mean to assert something?

to state firmly that something is true He has continued to assert his innocence. assert (that): The governor asserted that no more money would be available. Synonyms and related words. To show or agree that something is true:show, prove, point to… Explore Thesaurus.