What does Haftarah mean in Hebrew?

What does Haftarah mean in Hebrew?

haphtara, Hebrew: הפטרה) “parting,” “taking leave”, (plural form: haftarot or haftoros) is a series of selections from the books of Nevi’im (“Prophets”) of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) that is publicly read in synagogue as part of Jewish religious practice. …

What happens in Tetzaveh?

God instructed Moses to lead the bull to the front of the Tabernacle, let Aaron and his sons lay their hands upon the bull’s head, slaughter the bull at the entrance of the Tent, and put some of the bull’s blood on the horns of the altar.

What is triennial Torah reading?

The Triennial cycle of Torah reading may refer either. The historical practice in ancient Israel by which the entire Torah was read in serial fashion over a three-year period, or.

When was haftarah written?

The Haftarah originated in the pre-70 C.E. period. Scholars now understand that, in this early period, synagogues were places of studying and of Torah reading, but not usually places of formal prayer.

What is the longest haftarah?

haftarah for Beshalach
The haftarah for Beshalach tells the story of Deborah. At 52 verses, it is the longest haftarah.

What is the Torah and the haftorah?

The Torah and the Haftorah , are an integral part of the Bar-Mitzvah. On a regular Shabbat, the weekly Torah portion is divided up into seven parts.When all the parts have been read the ending of the last Aliya is repeated, and that is called the Maftir .

What is the haftarah portion?

The word comes from the Hebrew root Fei-Teit-Reish and means “Concluding Portion”. Usually, haftarah portion is no longer than one chapter, and has some relation to the Torah portion of the week.

How do you read the Torah from a tallit?

Take the tzitzit (fringes) from a corner of your Tallit and touch them to the place where the Torah reading begins. You then bring the tzitzit to your lips as an expression of love for the Torah. Holding onto the atzei chayim (the Torah handles), you recite the first blessing. The Torah reader will then chant the Torah portion.

How many portions of the Torah are there?

Torah is divided into 54 portions for weekly reading in synagogue There are also special readings for holidays and other days Each week in synagogue, we read (or, more accurately, chant, because it is sung) a passage from the Torah. This passage is referred to as a parshah.