What does GVTS mean?

What does GVTS mean?


Acronym Definition
GVTS Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers (Rochester, NY; est. 1990)

What does GVU mean?


Acronym Definition
GVU Graphics, Visualization and Usability (Georgia Tech)
GVU Global Virtual University (Arendal, Norway; United Nations University)
GVU Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf Utrecht (Dutch: Utrecht Municipal Transport; Utrecht, Netherlands)
GVU Government Virus Unit (Hong Kong Department of Health)

What is the acronym CAR?

Corrective Action Request. CAR. Capital Adequacy Requirement (various locations)

What does MPW stand for in manufacturing?

Multi-project chip (MPC), and multi-project wafer (MPW) semiconductor manufacturing arrangements allow customers to share mask and microelectronics wafer fabrication cost between several designs or projects.

What does MPW stand for running?

Miles Per Week
What does MPW mean in running? Miles Per Week – The amount of miles a runner runs each week, typically seen in training schedules. Miles per month (MPM) and miles per day (MPD) are also occasionally used.

What is NPW in texting?

NPW means “No Problem Whatsoever.” The abbreviation NPW is a common response to someone saying thank you (suggesting it was no bother) or to a request (suggesting you’re content to carry out the request).

What does BQ stand for in running?

BQ: Shorthand for Boston Qualifying time. Often used to describe a marathon time that qualifies a person for entry into the Boston Marathon. Brick workout: A workout that includes consecutive biking, then running. Often used by triathletes and duathletes to prepare for their goal events.

What is half marathon PB?

A half marathon in 13.1 miles. The time it takes you to run the distance will depend on your pace, which is dictated by factors like your fitness level and age.