What does gob mean in British slang?

What does gob mean in British slang?

\ ˈgȯb , ˈgäb \ Definition of gob (Entry 2 of 3) chiefly British. : mouth.

What does shut your mouth means?

If someone tells you to shut your mouth or shut your face, they are telling you very rudely to stop talking. [informal, rude, disapproval]

Does gob mean spit?

(uncountable, slang) Saliva or phlegm. Synonyms: saliva, spit, sputum. He spat a big ball of gob on to the pavement.

What is slang for mouth?

jaws. gob (slang, especially British) laughing gear (British, Australian, slang) maw. the bear’s gaping maw.

What is GOB in Australia?

Gob means mouth here in Australia, the UK, and NZ. It’s a bit rude to say, and would be used in a phrase such as ‘shut your gob! ‘ Which is a rather aggressive way of saying ‘shut up’ ‘stop talking’ or ‘be quiet’.

What is gob in the USA?

gob in American English (gɑb ) noun. a lump or mass, as of something soft.

What is the slang for shut up?

belt up (slang), shut your mouth, hold your tongue, put a sock in it (British, slang), button your lip (slang)

How do you say shut your mouth?

shut your mouth

  1. hold your tongue.
  2. hush.
  3. not another peep.
  4. say nothing.

What does in the kisser mean?

Directly in or on the mouth. Typically said of a punch or blow. I gave him a wallop right in the kisser after he whistled at my girlfriend. I turned around too quickly, and the door hit me right in the kisser. See also: kisser, right.

What does chops stand for?


Acronym Definition
CHOPS Chief Operations
CHOPS Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids (conference)
CHOPS Check Operator Services (Nokia phone error)
CHOPS Controlled Humidity Operational Preservation System

What is Shut Your Gob?

An imperative to be quiet or cease talking immediately. Can be rude, aggressive, or jocular depending on the context. Shut your gob, Bobby—no one asked for the opinion of a dork like you! A: “So, where do you think we can sell these stolen goods?” B: “Shut your gob! Don’t you have enough sense not to talk about that in public?”

What does it mean to keep your mouth shut?

(also keep your ˈmouth/ˈtrap shut) ( slang) a rude way of telling somebody to be quiet or stop talking: ‘Shut your face’, Roger said, ‘or I’ll kick you out.’ ♢ Why can’t you learn to keep your big mouth shut? Trap and gob are slang words for ‘mouth’. Shut your trap! shut your mouth/trap/face/gob!

What is gob?

A term inspired by the US comedy series Arrested Development. It refers to one of the show’s central characters, ‘GOB’, an arrogant, shameless, self promoting showman.