What does cycle fault 16 mean on a Statim 2000?

What does cycle fault 16 mean on a Statim 2000?

Cycle Fault 16 being displayed on your Statim indicates the steam generator (boiler) temperature went above 171°C during the heat up phase of a cycle. The most common reason for this fault is caused by not enough water entering the boiler from the water pump.

How do I clear my Statim 2000?

A: To empty the reservoir, use the drain tube. If your Statim does not have a drain tube, a hand pump will suffice. Except when filling or emptying the reservoir, keep the reservoir cap securely fastened at all times.

How do I calibrate my Statim 2000 boiler?

How To Recalibrate The Statim 2000 Boiler

  1. Turn OFF main power and remove the cover from Your Statim.
  2. Short together PINs W1 with a “jumper” on the main PCB board.
  3. Turn ON the power.
  4. The LCD should display CALIBRATION with: 2 digits in the upper left, 2 digits in the upper right.
  5. Insert The Cassette.

Why is my Statim leaking?

If your Statim is leaking steam around the cassette, and water is pooling underneath the unit, it is time to replace the seal.

How do you clean a Statim?

Wash the interior of the cassette with dishwashing soap or a mild detergent that does not contain chlorine. Scrub the inside with a cleaning pad designed for use with Teflon®-coated surfaces. Check the water reservoir filter every week and clean if necessary. Replace only if necessary.

How do you clean a Statim sterilizer?

Proper Care of the STATIM Cassette

  1. Clean the cassette once a week with mild, chlorine-free dishwashing soap.
  2. Spray the cassette with Stat-dri (or equivalent) after each cycle to promote faster cassette drying.
  3. Lubricate the rubber cassette seal once or twice a week with a mild liquid soap—not antibacterial soap.

How do you drain water from a Statim 5000?

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Place a water container below the unit.
  2. Using the drain tube (see Section 3.5 Priming the Pump, Figure 6 of the Statim 5000 User Manual) empty the contents of the reservoir into the water container.
  3. Remove any remaining water from the reservoir with a non-linting, absorbent towel.

How do I drain my dental Statim?

Does the outside of the Statim get sterilized?

The Statim is NOT intended for sterilizing textiles, liquids or biomedical waste. Instruments will remain sterile after a successful cycle until the cassette is disengaged from the unit. Unwrapped instruments, once exposed to ambient or external conditions, cannot be maintained in a sterile state.

How do I read the error codes on my statim sterilizer?

There are 2 different sets of error codes: Original Error Codes are prefaced by “Check Cassette” followed by a number &s New Error Codes are prefaced by “Cycle Fault” followed by a number. The Statim Sterilizer should never leak steam or have water dripping under the machine.

What is the model number of statim 2000?

Modello: Software STATIM 2000: S2S2R410 2. Identificazione dispositivo: autoclave installata con numero 323 3. Contatore cicli: numero di cicli eseguiti sul dispositivo = 9 4. Ora / Data: 13.38 14 aprile 2003 5.

How do you open a statim 2000s cassette?

4.1 Statim 2000S — Using the Cassette When removing the cassette after a cycle, exercise caution as the metal areas will be hot and the cassette may contain hot steam. • To open the cassette: 1. Hold the cassette handle with your thumbs facing inward on the cassette latch. 2. Push downward on the cassette latch. 3.

Can I use the PCD with the statim 2000?

Le dispositif de traitement (PCD) ne doit pas être utilisé avec la cassette élargie du Statim 2000, Statim 5000 ou Statim 5000S. 3. Spécifications du PCD fournies sur demande. 4. Test Charge Lumen étroit – justifications fournies sur demande. 42 10. Protocole d’essai Suite. Cycle STATIM 2000S STATIM 5000S