What does Calcipenia mean?

What does Calcipenia mean?

(kal’si-pē’nē-ă), A condition in which the amount of calcium in the tissues and fluids of the body is insufficient.

What does Phlebostasis mean?

abnormally slow motion
n. The abnormally slow motion of blood in the veins, usually with venous distention. The compression of the proximal veins of an extremity by use of tourniquets.

What does the term atresia describe?

1 : absence or closure of a natural passage of the body. 2 : absence or disappearance of an anatomical part (such as an ovarian follicle) by degeneration.

What are the consequences of Venostasis?

Potential complications of venous stasis are: Venous ulcers. Blood clot formation in veins (venous thrombosis), that can occur in the deep veins of the legs (deep vein thrombosis, DVT) or in the superficial veins.

What is Vasorrhaphy?

(văs-or′ă-fē) [″ + Gr. rhaphe, seam, ridge] Surgical suture of the vas deferens.

What is Ophthalmoplasty?

Ophthalmoplasty is a part of plastic surgery which aim is reconstruction of anatomic and functional disorders in eye and its appendage.

What is Cerebrotomy?

[ sĕr′ə-brŏt′ə-mē ] n. Incision of the brain substance.

What does Cardioptosis mean?

n. Downward displacement or prolapse of the heart.

What is Visceromotor?

visceromotor. / (ˈvɪsərəʊˌməʊtə) / adjective. physiol relating to or controlling movements of the viscera.

Does the term atresia describes the congenital absence of a normal body opening or the failure of a structure to be tubular?

The term atresia (ah-TREE-zee-ah) describes the congenital absence of a normal body opening or the failure of a structure to be tubular. For example, anal atresia is the congenital absence of the opening at the bottom end of the anus; pulmonary atresia is the absence of a pulmonary valve.

What is the medical definition of venostasis?

Medical Definition of venostasis. : an abnormal slowing or stoppage of the flow of blood in a vein.

What is venous stasis?

Venous stasis is a loss of proper vein function of the legs that would normally carry blood back toward the heart. This may occur following injury to the veins, which can result in blood clots in the superficial veins known as superficial phlebitis, or following blood clots in the deep veins known as deep venous thrombosis.

What is vein pooling or venostasis?

This condition is also called venostasis. This pooling is a direct result of malfunctioning vein valves, sitting for too long or varicose veins .