What does AQR Capital Management do?

What does AQR Capital Management do?

AQR is at the nexus of economics, behavioral finance, data, and technology. Our evolution has been a continuous exploration of what drives markets and how it can be applied to client portfolios.

Where is AQR based?

Greenwich, Connecticut
Our focus on practical insights and analysis has made us leaders in alternative and traditional strategies since 1998. AQR is based in Greenwich, Connecticut, with offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Sydney. The firm employs more than 600 people, approximately 40% of whom have advanced degrees.

Is AQR a quant fund?

AQR Capital Management (Applied Quantitative Research) is a global investment management firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States….AQR Capital.

Type LLC
Industry Hedge fund
Founded January 1998
Founders • Cliff Asness (Managing Principal) • David Kabiller, CFA • John Liew

How many people work at AQR?

AQR Capital

Type LLC
Area served Worldwide
AUM $143 billion (as of Q1 2020)
Number of employees 1,000
Website www.aqr.com

Does AQR have ETFS?

The following table displays all of the mutual funds in our database offered by AQR Funds. Click on any of the mutual fund tickers below to see the ETF alternatives to these mutual funds, as selected by our Mutual Fund to ETF Converter tool….AQR Funds Mutual Funds.

Ticker Name Expense Ratio
AQIYX AQR International Equity Y 0.55%

What do you learn in AQR?

The AQR course develops mathematical proficiency, statistical proficiency, and quantitative literacy, filling a critical gap in the nation’s high school mathematics course offerings. This course is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

Who runs AQR?

AQR is founded by Cliff Asness, David Kabiller, Robert Krail, John Liew and 10 employees in New York City.

What is AQR Capital Management LLC?

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Who is Aqr?

AQR is a global investment management firm built at the intersection of financial theory and practical application. We strive to deliver superior, long-term results for our clients by looking past market noise to identify and isolate what matters most, and by developing ideas that stand up to rigorous testing.

Is Aqr responsible for any information or content from the linked sites?

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Why is Aqr considered a bad choice for software developers?

There are some long-tenured, powerful people on the research/portfolio management side who do their best to stifle all change that threatens their turf. This, more than anything else, is what makes AQR a bad choice for developers. People are very smart. Can be a bit nerdy however.