What does 2 pole motor mean?

What does 2 pole motor mean?

4-pole motor is with 4 magneticpoles on the rotor and the number of related electro-magnetic windings . A 4-pole motor has 3.0 ft. -lbs of torque per horsepower . At 60 Hz, motor is about 1800 rpm a 2-pole motor has 1.5 ft. -lbs of torque.

What is difference between 2 pole and 4 pole motor?

What is the difference between 2-Pole Motor and 4-Pole Motor? 2 pole motor has two poles (or a single pair of magnetic poles) while 4 pole motors have four magnetic poles in alternating order. 2 pole motors have twice the speed of a 4 pole motor. Therefore, 4 pole motors consumes twice the energy of the 2 pole motors.

How many RPM is a 2 pole motor?

3,600 rpm
A two-pole motor operates at 3,600 rpm (7,200 rpm ÷ 2) unloaded, and approximately 3,450 under load. Two-pole motors often are found in pump applications, such as sump pumps, swimming pool pumps, and water recirculating equipment.

Is a 2 pole motor 3 phase?

On a three-phase motor the pole pattern has to be repeated for each phase. Therefore a 2=pole, 3-phase motor will have six poles.

What is poles in AC?

An Ac generator consists of two poles i.e is the north pole and south pole of a magnet so that we can have a uniform magnetic field. There is also a coil which is rectangular in shape that is the armature. These coils are connected to the slip rings and attached to them are carbon brushes.

What is the difference between 2 4 and 6 pole motors?

On an induction motor, the number of poles determines the speed given the frequency of the power. For a 2 pole motor, at 60hz, it will spin 60 times a second, or 3600rpm. For a 4 pole motor, the speed is halved – 1800 rpm, 6 pole, 1200 rpm and so on.

What is the difference between 4-pole and 6 pole motors?

Using this equation, a 4-pole motor at 60Hz has a speed of 1,800 rpm, while a 6-pole motor at 50Hz has a speed of 1,000 rpm. In a synchronous motor, the rotor uses a permanent magnet or electromagnet to rotate at the calculated speed. On the other hand, an induction motor will operate slightly below the calculated rpm.

How many Poles does an AC induction motor have?

AC Induction Motor Speeds Common AC motor units are constructed with either two or four poles. A magnetic field is created in the stator poles that induces resulting magnetic fields in the rotor which follow the frequency of the changing magnetic field in the stator.

What are pole pairs?

The pole represents the number of permanent magnet poles for the rotating rotor, and a motor with one pair of N pole/S poles is called a two-pole motor. The number of poles can be 2, 4, 6, 8,…, etc.

What is a 2 pole motor?

2 pole motor is a type of motor that has two magnetic poles or a pair of magnetic pole. Rotor of the 2 pole motor completes one cycle for every cycle of the source. A 2 pole motor shows a north-south configuration. 2 pole motor has high speed due to less number of poles.

What is the speed of an AC motor with two poles?

Two pole AC motors operating at 60 Hz will always run at approximately 3600 rpm, and four pole AC motors will have speeds around 1800 rpm. Speed = 120 x frequency (Hz) / poles of the motor. Example 120 x 60 hertz / 4 poles = 1,800 rpm.

What are the different types of AC motors?

AC Motors: Principle of Operation 1 Universal Motors. A universal motor is a single-phase series motor, which is able to run on either alternating current (ac) or direct current (dc) and the characteristics are similar for 2 Shaded Pole Motors. A Shaded Pole motor is an AC single phase induction motor. 3 Synchronous Motors.

What makes an AC motor unique?

AC motors are unique because they are built to run at specific speeds regardless of their design or manufacturer. The speed of an AC motor is dependent on the number of poles it has and the line frequency of the power supply, not on it’s voltage. Common AC motor units are constructed with either two or four poles.