What documents do I need to get my Florida drivers license?

What documents do I need to get my Florida drivers license?

Federal and State law requires proof of identity, Social Security number, and two (2) proofs of residential address for a Florida driver license or ID card.

How do I submit a traffic school certificate in Florida?

You can mail your certificate of completion to the Clerk of the Courts, PO BOX 19321, Miami, Florida 33101-9321. If you elect to attend traffic school and do not comply within 120 days of election, you will be subject to a license suspension, point assessment and additional fees.

How do I get a Florida ID card?

Get a Florida Identification Card In order to obtain, renew or replace a Florida identification card, you must present original documents that prove your legal name, lawful presence, social security number and two forms of residential address.

How do you read a Florida driver’s license?

A Florida driver’s license number always has 13 digits: one letter followed by 12 numbers. The number is split into five fields, i.e., xxxx – xxx – xx – xxx – x. The first field is the Soundex code (a letter and three numbers) for the driver’s last name.

How much does a fl ID cost?

Driver’s License/ID Cards The fee for an ID Card is $25.00. Most local Tax Collector offices also charge a $6.25 service fee.

What does the last digit on a Florida license mean?

The last number on a Florida license differentiates people with the same name and birthday. It’s referred to as “overflow”. Your Florida license is actually an alphanumerical code based on your name, gender, and birthday. SSSS-FFF-YY-DDD-O.

What does the gold star on a Florida driver’s license mean?

REAL ID-compliant
Florida began issuing REAL ID-compliant credentials January 1, 2010. New driver licenses and ID cards have a star in the upper right corner of the card, indicating that they are REAL ID-compliant.

Can you get a Florida driver’s license without being a resident?

Any non-resident who is at least 16 years old. Persons employed by the United States Government driving a United States Government motor vehicle on official business. Any non-resident working for a firm on a contract for the United States Government.

How many times can you take online traffic school in Florida?

The basic driver improvement course (BDI) can be taken for speeding tickets and moving violations. You can only take online traffic school once in a 12 month period and 5 times in your life. If I am an adult (18 or older) and never had a drivers license, do I have to get a learners permit before my drivers license in Florida?

What is the cost of DDS (defensive driving school)?

The 4 hour Driver Improvement (BDI & TCAC) course also known as DDS (Defensive Driving School) makes you eligible to receive no points on your Florida drivers license and no insurance increase for the current violation. $19.95 is your total cost, no hidden fees or add ons.

Why is it important for students to be good drivers?

When they get behind the wheel of a car every decision counts. And we believe once the student understands how special they are then making safe decisions that protect themselves becomes obvious and valued by the student. This valuing of themselves creates great drivers for a lifetime.