What did Johannes Kleiman do?

What did Johannes Kleiman do?

Johannes Kleiman was the primary point of contact for the people in hiding in case of calamities. For instance, he provided pesticides when the Secret Annex suffered a flea infestation. He also made sure that the family in Switzerland received encrypted messages to let them know that the Franks were safe.

What happened to Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kugler?

After interrogation at Gestapo headquarters, he and Kugler were transferred to a prison on the Amstelveenseweg for Jews and political prisoners awaiting deportation. Kleiman was imprisoned in the Amersfoort labour camp before he was released by special dispensation of the Red Cross because of his ill health.

What happened to Otto Frank’s business?

Otto Frank retired as director of Opekta in 1953 and was succeeded by Johannes Kleiman, until Kleiman’s death in 1959. Opekta left the building in 1955 and five years later it re-opened as the Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to the life and writings of Anne Frank. The company was acquired by Dr.

Who were the 5 helpers of Anne Frank?

Otto Frank with the helpers in the office at Prinsengracht 263, October 1945. From left to right: Miep Gies, Johannes Kleiman, Otto Frank, Victor Kugler, and Bep Voskuijl.

What did Koophuis get for Peter?

He would lend books to Margot and Peter and every other week get books that were written for girls of Anne’s age for her.

What happened to Otto Frank after he was captured?

On 3 June 1945, ten months after his arrest, Otto was back in Amsterdam. To his great relief, the helpers of the Secret Annex had all survived the war. Otto moved in with helpers Jan and Miep Gies. Carte de RapatriƩ; Otto Frank needed this document to travel from Auschwitz, via Marseille (France) to Amsterdam.

Was Otto Frank the only survivor?

Frank was the only one to survive. In 1947, he published daughter Anne Frank’s journal under the title The Diary of a Young Girl. He died in Basel, Switzerland, on August 19, 1980.

What happened to Mr and Mrs Van Daan?

At Auschwitz, she was separated from her husband and son. She was sent to Belsen, separately from Anne and Margot, who were surprised to meet her there later on. Van Daan died at Belsen, although it is not known whether she was gassed or succumbed to hunger or disease.