What can I use instead of a keychain?

What can I use instead of a keychain?

The Best Keychain Alternatives

  • The Best Overall Keychain Alternative: Keyport Slide ($39+)
  • The Best Stylish Keychain Alternative: Orbitkey ($35+)
  • The Best Pocket Knife Keychain: QuietKey Shorty ($68)
  • Best Flexible Keychain Alternative: KeyKlip ($20)
  • Best Budget Keychain Alternative: Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhh ($4)

What size are keychain photos?

Please adjust the filters and try again….Product information.

Product Dimensions 5.2 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches
Manufacturer MCS Picture Frames

How do you carry a key without a pocket?

Here are the best tricks the Internet has to offer.

  1. Tie them to your shoelace. [
  2. Tie them to your wrist with a hair rubber band. [
  3. Store them in your sports bra (especially easy if your sports bra has a pocket). [
  4. Stash them behind your iPod in your arm band. [

What is Keyport?

About Keyport Part key organizer, part lost & found… the Keyport Pivot replaces your bulky keychain and consolidates your most essential personal items (keys – pocket tools – smart tech) into a single stylish, modular EDC multi-tool with built-in lost & found that you will use every day, multiple times a day.

What’s a good size for a keychain?

Something you will want to keep in mind when creating your keychains is the size of it. From as small as 0.5 inches wide * 0.5 inches long; and as large as 3 inches wide * 3 inches long.

What is a standard keychain size?

Less is more when personalizing your own keychains. Many customers forget that the average keychain size is only 1″X2″ in size. Product includes a large 1″ and one small 1/2″ ring. You will have options request no ring when adding your item to your shopping cart.

How do you seal resin photos?

Using a foam brush, coat your photo, picture side up, with 2-3 coats of Mod Podge. It is important to make sure photo is well sealed with Mod Podge as the resin will stain your photo if it comes in direct contact with the paper. Allow 15 to 20 minutes drying time for each coat.

How do I download pictures to my digital keychain?

Utilize the up and down arrows on the keychain to navigate the main menu and select “USB Connect” to create a connection between the digital keychain and the computer. On the initial connection, the PhotoViewer software will be automatically downloaded to your computer’s hard drive so that you can download pictures to your digital keychain.

What is a digital keyring?

A digital keyring is an electronic gadget that can have a number of different features. Digital picture keyrings are some of the most common types, which allow users to load a favorite picture or set of pictures onto the keyring so they can be viewed anytime. Others will feature a flashlight or other convenient tool.

How large are digital photo frames?

The most common sizes range from 7 inches (18 cm) to 20 inches (51 cm). Some digital photo frames can only display JPEG pictures.

How does a digital photo album Frame Work?

How a Digital Photo Album Frame Works A digital photo album frame is a device which looks like the usual photo frame, but has an LCD screen that can display several photos like a slide show. These digital photos can be directly transferred from your camera to the frame.