What can I use instead of a bouquet and garter toss?

What can I use instead of a bouquet and garter toss?

Passing on the Love: Bridal Bouquet and Garter Toss Alternatives

  • Couples Dance. Instead of giving your bouquet to the single ladies, consider doing the opposite; give your bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest.
  • Gift Card Toss.
  • Something Borrowed.
  • Toss the Boutonniere.
  • Thank the Mothers.
  • Final Thoughts.

Is the bouquet toss outdated?

The bouquet toss has been a wedding tradition for hundreds of years. Of course, the original meaning behind the bouquet toss has become obsolete, but many couples still incorporate the activity today.

Is the bouquet toss necessary?

There’s no strict rule for when the bouquet toss should occur, but it usually happens during the reception once the toasts, dinner, and dances have come to a close. Oftentimes, the bride will choose to toss the bouquet after the cake has been cut.

Can I do a bouquet toss without garter toss?

Make the Bouquet Toss Coed Don’t want a garter at all? You can still watch your friends battle it out. Invite all the single ladies and single gentlemen onto the dance floor when it’s time to toss the bouquet. If your groom wants to join in, you could even toss it together!

What is an alternative to the garter toss?

Instead of a garter, throw out any other special,easly throwable memento, such as the groom’s boutonniere. Hide a garter (or other prize) in a balloon drop, toss something for the kids only, or throw candy to guests instead. Skip all the tosses altogether!

Do brides have 2 bouquets?

Many brides have two bouquets, one for the bride to keep and a smaller, less expensive bouquet for the toss. As a side note, if you choose not to have your bouquet professionally preserved, there are several ways you can do it yourself. The easiest is to let it air dry.

How do you make a throw away bouquet?

Pair each main flower with two or three accents. Greenery should be added the same way, sliding fern, ivy or leaf stems in among the flower stems, and binding the bouquet with green floral tape to create an easily held bunch. Wrap the taped stems in a wide ribbon, leaving some to trail and curl.

Do I have to wear a garter on my wedding day?

You may be a bride wondering ‘do I need to wear a wedding garter?’ , but it really is not something that you absolutely have to wear on your wedding day. It is, like every other wedding accessory, a choice that is completely up to you as the bride and your style.

What is the tradition of Garter?

Symbolism of the Garter Toss Consummation. The wedding garter toss is thought to be one of the oldest wedding traditions still practiced today. Good Luck and Fertility. In the late Renaissance period, the garter began to symbolize good luck and sometimes even fertility. Next to Wed. Moving on From Single Life.

What is a garter toss?

A garter toss is a wedding tradition that many brides and grooms incorporate into their wedding day. It tends to go hand-in-hand with the tossing of the bouquet, in which the bride will toss her wedding bouquet into a crowd of all the single women at her wedding.

What is a wedding Garter?

A wedding garter is a band-shaped lingerie item worn by many brides on their upper thigh as part of a centuries-old tradition.