What astro sign is September 28?

What astro sign is September 28?

A Libra born on the 28th of September is a true fighter for the ideal and this makes them excellent sportsmen and perfectionists of all sorts if they have a goal they believe in set in front of them.

What does being born September 28 mean?

Libras born on September 28 love being in the spotlight. Artistic and sometimes eccentric, they communicate fluently through “body language.” September 28 people are personality-heavy and may be considered insincere or frivolous by others jealous of their appeal.

Is September 28 a cusp?

If you were born on the Virgo-Libra Cusp, from September 19 to September 25, you are a beautiful individual inside and out! You were born on the Cusp of Beauty and you are a vision of perfection, balance, and grace.

What sign is a September 24 baby?

LIBRA (Sept 24 – Oct 23) This child loves beauty and comfort.

What is the zodiac sign for September 28?

The zodiac sign for September 28 is Libra. Astrological symbol: Scales. This is the symbol of the Libra zodiac for people born September 23 – October 21. It is suggestive for stability through hard work, wealth, balanced nature and sense of justice. The Libra Constellation,…

What is the Chinese zodiac for 1996?

1996 is the year of the Rat according to Chinese zodiac. Furtherly based on Chinese Five Elements, the year 1996 belongs to the Fire. Therefore, people born in 1996 are the Fire Rat. Different from Gregorian calendar, Chinese zodiac uses lunar calendar, based on which only people born from February 19, 1996 to February 6,

What is the 1996 Chinese zodiac Fire Rat personality?

The 1996 Chinese zodiac Fire Rat are smart, capable and generous, and they are good at socializing.

What does it mean to be born on the 28th?

Being born on the 28th day of the month shows generosity, independence, great self confidence and idealism. The numerology for September 28 is 1. This number reveals revels leadership qualities, great will power and an original approach to life, all wrapped in a charming personality.