What are Wiki resources?

What are Wiki resources?

What Is a Wiki? A wiki is a website or online resource that can be edited by multiple users. Some wikis, such as Wikipedia, are publicly accessible. Others are used by organizations to manage information in-house, enabling teams to easily share knowledge and work together more effectively.

Why is Wikipedia so hated?

Because Wikipedia is widely used, often showing up high in Google searches, and its dangers are not well understood by many people, misinformation in Wikipedia articles can easily spread to other external sources.

What organizations are associated with Wikipedia?

Who owns Wikipedia? Who owns the Web site? Wikipedia’s tech framework is supported by a non-profit parent organization, the Wikimedia Foundation Inc, which also supports Wikipedia’s sister projects, including Wiktionary (a wiki dictionary), Wikibooks (textbooks), and others, and owns all of their domain names.

What is a resource?

A resource is a main source or supply from which a benefit is produced and it has some utility. Resources can broadly be classified upon their availability—they are classified into renewable and non-renewable resources.Examples of non renewable resources are coal ,crude oil natural gas nuclear energy etc.

What is the WikiProject Resource Exchange?

This is a WikiProject, an area for focused collaboration among Wikipedians. New participants are welcome; please feel free to participate! The Resource Exchange is a WikiProject dedicated to organizing and sharing the vast resources available to Wikipedians, to aid in verification.

Is Wikipedia a credible source of information?

No, because even though Wikipedia is one of the Webs most popular reference sites, it isnt a credible resource because anyone is allowed to be a contributor to

What is renewable resource?

Renewable resource. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Natural resource that is replenished relatively quickly. Oceans often act as renewable resources. Sawmill near Fügen, Zillertal, Austria. Global vegetation. A renewable resource, also known as a flow resource, is a natural resource which will replenish