What are two meanings of run?

What are two meanings of run?

1 : to go at a pace faster than a walk. 2 : to go rapidly or hurriedly She ran home to get her book. 3 : to take to flight They saw the police and ran. 4 : to pass over, across, or through She ran her fingers through her hair. 5 : function entry 2 That old car is still running.

What is a word for on the run?

escaping from arrest. Some of the gang members are still on the run. Synonyms. escaping. fugitive.

What is the opposite run?

(walk) Opposite of to move at a fast speed on foot. walk. tread.

What is noun of run?

​ [countable] an act of running; a period of time spent running or the distance that somebody runs. I go for a run every morning. a five-mile run.

What is verb form of run?

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense runs , present participle running , past tense ran language note: The form run is used in the present tense and is also the past participle of the verb.

How do you use run in a sentence?

1. After a month on the run, the prisoners were finally recaptured by the police. 2. He’s on the run from the police.

Is on the run a phrase?

1 trying to avoid being captured. 2 continuously active and busy.

Is it run or ran?

RAN is a past tense form and RUN is the past participle form. So you have to use RUN only as : “WAS RUN”.

What is the synonym of run?

hobble, limp. 2 to hasten away from something dangerous or frightening. rather than run from a black bear, it’s better to hold your ground and make lots of noise. Synonyms for run. bolt, break, bug out, flee,

What is the synonym of semi?

Synonyms for semi. before vowels sem-, word-forming element meaning “half, part, partly; partial, imperfect; twice,” from Latin semi- “half,” from PIE *semi- “half” (cf. Sanskrit sami “half,” Greek hemi- “half,” Old English sam-, Gothic sami- “half”). Old English cognate sam- was used in such compounds as samhal “poor health,”…

How do you use the word’run’in a sentence?

Click on any word or phrase to go to its thesaurus page. Or, go to the definition of run. She saw him running down the street. I had to sprint to catch the bus. “What do you do to keep fit?”

What is another word for run faster?

Run: to go at a pace faster than a walk. Synonyms: dash, gallop, jog… Antonyms: back up, crawl, creep… Find the right word.