What are the two main categories of policies in the Group Policy console?

What are the two main categories of policies in the Group Policy console?

Within Group Policy, two distinct sets of policies are defined: Computer policies. These apply to computers and are stored under Computer Configuration in a Group Policy object. User policies.

What is the difference between Group Policy and Group Policy Object?

A Group Policy Object (GPO) is a virtual collection of policy settings. A GPO has a unique name, such as a GUID. Group Policy settings are contained in a GPO. A GPO can represent policy settings in the file system and in the Active Directory.

What are two distinct types of Group Policy settings?

The GPO is broken into two sets of configuration settings, Computer and User. Each of these settings is further defined by three categories of settings: Software, Windows, and Administrative Templates.

What are the three types of containers that can have a Group Policy associated to them?

Lesson Summary There are three types of GPOs: local, nonlocal, and starter.

What are two distinct types of group policy settings?

What are the three types of containers that can have a group policy associated to them?

How do I manage Group Policy?

To edit a GPO, right click it in GPMC and select Edit from the menu. The Active Directory Group Policy Management Editor will open in a separate window. GPOs are divided into computer and user settings. Computer settings are applied when Windows starts, and user settings are applied when a user logs in.

How do I set up Group Policy?

Open the Control Panel on the Start Menu. Click the Windows icon on the Toolbar, and then click the widget icon for Settings. Start typing ‘group policy’ or ‘gpedit’ and click the ‘Edit Group Policy’ option.

What is linking GPO?

Linking GPOs to Active Directory containers enables an administrator to implement Group Policy settings for a broad or narrow portion of the organization, as required. The following list contains example applications of policy: A GPO linked to a site applies to all users and computers in the site.

What is the Group Policy Object (GPO) class?

Makes ACLs consistent on the directory service and the system volume folder (SysVol) of the Group Policy object (GPO). Sets the trustees (security principals) and their permissions for the Group Policy object (GPO). (Inherited from Object .) This class wraps the IGPMGPO COM interface.

What does initialinitialize do in Group Policy?

Initializes a new instance of the GroupPolicyObject class. Gets or sets the display name for the Group Policy object (GPO). Gets the type for the Group Policy object (GPO). Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the computer portion of the Group Policy object (GPO) is enabled.

What is a group policy scope of Management?

Represents a Group Policy Scope of Management (SOM). A collection of Som objects that represents a list of sites, domains, or organizational units at which Group Policy is applied. Contains methods and properties that enable you to manage Starter Group Policy objects (GPOs) in the directory service.

Where is Group Policy stored in Active Directory?

The Group Policy container, which contains information about the properties of a GPO, is stored in Active Directory on each domain controller in the domain. The Group Policy template contains the data in a GPO and is stored in the SYSVOL in the /Policies subdirectory. GPOs affect users and computers that are contained in sites, domains, and OUs.