What are the hospitals affiliated with Maxicare?

What are the hospitals affiliated with Maxicare?

List of Maxicare Accredited Hospitals

  • Caloocan. Nodado General Hospital.
  • Las Pinas. Las Pinas Medical Center.
  • Makati. Makati Medical Center.
  • Mandaluyong City. Dr.
  • Manila City. Chinese General Hospital.
  • Marikina. Garcia General Hospital.
  • Muntinlupa. Alabang Medical Center.
  • Pasay City. Manila Adventist Medical Center and Colleges, Inc.

Who owns VRP Medical Center?

Victor R. Potenciano
Victor R. Potenciano, the founder of Polymedic General Hospital, known today as VRP Medical Center.

Does ust accept maxicare?

Please be informed that due to operational issues, Maxicare has temporarily suspended the access to UST Hospital. Maxicare recommends the following options in availing medical services: Call Maxicare’s 24/7 Teleconsult Hotline at (02) 8582-1980 for free medical consultation.

Is Medical City accredited by Maxicare?

The Medical City (TMC) and Maxicare Healthcare Corporation (Maxicare), both recognized leaders in the medical services industry, recently launched a first-of-its-kind healthcare plan that will revolutionize the delivery of medical services for TMC patients and Maxicare members.

How do I avail Maxicare prima silver?

How to Activate Your Maxicare PRIMA Silver

  1. Visit the Online Card Registration Page.
  2. Fill in the Reference Number, which you’ll find in your purchase receipt email.
  3. Once successfully registered, you will receive PRIMA Silver electronic health card (eCard) via email along with your policy and card number via SMS.

What is the meaning of VRP?


Acronym Definition
VRP Virtual Reality Prototyping
VRP Voting Rights Project
VRP Viewer Response Profile
VRP Variability Reduction Process

What is Maxicare premium?

It covers unlimited outpatient consultations and unlimited availment of up to 255 lab and diagnostic procedures at Maxicare Primary Care Centers and MyHealth Clinics, annual ER coverage of P20,000 at all Maxicare-affiliated hospitals, FREE annual select dental services at Metro Dental, and access to our 24/7 …

What is Maxicare Prima Gold?

Maxicare PRIMA Gold – Unlimited lab tests, diagnostics, and consultations for seniors 60 and up. An affordable health card for senior citizens 60 years old and up. Offers unlimited outpatient consultations, lab tests, and diagnostics, and an annual ER coverage of P20,000 for senior citizens 60 years old and above.

Can I withdraw money from Maxicare card?

2. Member may withdraw the amount for any Equicom, Bancnet, Expressnet or Megalink ATMs. 3. Member may also use the amount to purchase items from any Bancnet accredited merchants.

What is VRP platform?

VRP (Versatile Routing Platform) is the Operating System that many Huawei devices operate. This is like Cisco’s IOS, Nokia’s (Alcatel-Lucent’s) TiMOS and Juniper’s JUNOS.

How many Maxicare members does vrpmc serve?

Together, they serve an average of 2,000 Maxicare members on a monthly basis. This successful delivery is due to the synthesis of VRPMC’s trusted experience of 50 years in the medical industry and Maxicare’s dedication to its commitment to stay strong as the number one Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the country.

Why choose vrvrp Medical Center for special care?

VRP Medical Center’s special care units respond to a variety of patient’s needs. Apart from our Intensive Care Unit (ICU), we also have an Intermediate Care Unit, a Coronary Care Unit, Stroke Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and a Maternal Intensive Care Unit that offers 24-hour round the clock care. Obstetrics + Gynecology.

How do I contact Maxicare?

MAXICARE OFFICES. Corporate Head Offices: Maxicare Tower, 203 Salcedo Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, 1229. Corporate Trunkline: (632)79086900. 24/7 Customer Care Hotline: (632) 85821900 /77987777. 24/7 SMS Inquiry Service: 09221101733/ 09175942680. LUZON – Satellite Offices.

How much does it cost to get a room at Maxicare?

Since we are under Maxicare, the room they provided for us was Regular Private which cost Php 2,060.00 per day. As soon as they finished discussing the rules and regulation, let you signed the papers, then you’re good to go. The admission kit consists of the following: