What are the different types of ear gauges?

What are the different types of ear gauges?

Ear Stretching Jewelry: The Types of Tunnel Plugs

  • Tunnel/Flesh Tunnel/Eyelet – is a hollow, tube-shaped plug.
  • Straight Taper – is a straight piece either steel or acrylic that is small on one side and larger on the other.
  • Spiral Taper/Crescents/Buffalo Tapers – can be used as both jewelry and a stretching taper.

What do stretched ears symbolize?

Traditionally around 15 years of age and before marriage, a girl’s lip and ears are pierced. The stretched ears and lip show that the girl has grown into a woman and is now able to have children. It is a custom that allows the tribe to distinguish their women from those of other tribes.

What is the difference between tunnels and plugs?

The difference between the tunnel and plug An ear tunnel, as its literal meaning, is hollow on the inside. One should be able to look through the jewel which emphasises the inside of the ear. A plug, on the other hand, is solid and fills the entire ear emphasising the front.

Why did King Tut stretch his ears?

This shows that everyday Egyptians wore ear jewellery and modified their ears at a young age, and often removed or discarded them once they reached adulthood. That’s likely the reason why the ear stretching was only depicted for King Tut’s mask over other pharaohs is because he died quite young.

Did King Tut have stretched ears?

King Tutankhamen The Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun is one of the earliest known rulers to have stretched ear lobes. This can clearly be seen in one of his more famous images on his sarcophagus.

Can you wear tapers as jewelry?

They are only for wearing in healed stretches as jewelry because they are porous and can carry too much bacteria. In general, tapers are only recommended for wearing in smaller gauges as jewelry. Large gauge tapers will pull the ear unevenly because of the heavy side of the taper.

What are the different types of jewelry for Stretched earlobes?

The names of the different types of jewelry used in stretched earlobes. Plug: A completely solid piece of jewelry. A straight piece with o-rings to secure it in place (and some come grooved to better hold o-rings in place). This is the most popular style for stretched lobes and offers the most design and style options.

What are the different types of earrings?

Hoop earrings, as the name indicates, are large, round earrings shaped like hoops. They can be any style or size, but tend to be no longer than shoulder length. A wire threads through the ear piercing, creating a complete circle. Traditionally circular, modern styles can include triangles and even squares as hoop earrings.

Should I buy tapers or long term Ear stretching jewelry?

Initially you should purchase both tapers and long term ear stretching jewelry in the gauges you will be stretching to. Make sure you really like what you are buying as ideally they will be worn for at least a month before you gauge up to the next size.

What is ear stretching?

Ear stretching can be a great looking, versatile and ultimately rewarding body modification. However, it is a process that calls for a little know-how, more than a little patience and most of all respect and understanding of your own body. The most important ‘rule’ to remember when stretching is to be safe!