What are Spanish cousins?

What are Spanish cousins?

If you want to say “cousins” in Spanish, you would use “primos” (masculine plural) or “primas” (feminine plural).

What is cousin in other languages?

Latin American Spanish: primo. Swedish: kusin. Thai: ลูกพี่ลูกน้อง Turkish: kuzen. Ukrainian: двоюрідний братnf.

Is Cousin masculine or feminine in English?

‘ ” Why, you ask, is “cousin” generally used for both sexes in modern English, while “niece” and “nephew” are gendered? Unlike other Germanic languages, English is now essentially gender free. Although “cousin” is gendered in modern German (der Cousin and die Cousine), it’s unisex in English.

How do you say my cousin is masculine in French?

The gender of cousin is masculine. E.g. le cousin. The feminine form is la cousine.

Is cousin in French feminine?

The word for a male cousin in French is the same as the English word: cousin. The word for a female cousin is slightly different: cousine. Since this is a feminine noun, the articles and adjectives should also be feminine. ‘My (female) cousin’ is, ma cousine.

What is Tagalog cousin?

pinsan [noun] cousin 7 Example Sentences Available » more…

What is the Korean word for cousin?

Relatives in Korean

English Korean
Daughter 딸 (ttal)
Cousin 사촌 (sachon)
Uncle 삼촌 (samchon)
Aunt 숙모 (sungmo)

What’s the opposite of cousin?

What is the opposite of cousin?

nonrelative disaffiliation
dissociation opposition
antagonism disunion
separation dissimilarity

Who is called as cousin?

/ (ˈkʌzən) / noun. Also called: first cousin, cousin-german, full cousin the child of one’s aunt or uncle. a relative who has descended from one of one’s common ancestors. A person’s second cousin is the child of one of his parents’ first cousins.

How do you say cousin in Cajun?

Cousine (pronounced koo-zene) is the feminine form of the word. I’ve never heard cousine, but cousin I certainly have. If you’re writing male Cajuns who interact with each other, you do not want to have them call each other cher (sha).

Is cousin masculine or feminine in German?

The actual German word for cousin is der Vetter. This form is used quite a lot, too. The female form, however, is barely ever used.

How do you say cousins plural in Italian?

A male cousin is a cugino and a female cousin is a cugina. There are also masculine and feminine versions of the plural cousins. Many male cousins, or a mix of male and female cousins, are known as cugini and many female cousins are called cugine.

How do you spell cousin in Spanish?

In spanish, the word cousin can be spelled: el primo. cousin in french. cousin in spanish. cousin in german. cousin in italian. cousin in portuguese.

What is the Spanish word for cousin?

The plural of “cousin” in Spanish is “primos,” whether you’re referring to all male or male and female cousins.

How do you say cousin in Sign Language?

Signing: The cousin sign is made by making your hand into a C-shape. Place the C-hand by the side of your head and twist it back and fourth. In ASL proper, there are different cousin signs for male and female cousins. In Baby Sign Language, we try and keep it simple and just use this one sign.