What are some male Chinese names?

What are some male Chinese names?

What are some Chinese male names?

  • Aiguo – patriotic.
  • Bingwen – bright and cultivated.
  • Bolin – elder brother rain.
  • Chaoxiang – expecting fortune.
  • Donghai – eastern sea.
  • Feng – sharp blade, wind, summit.
  • Genghis – just, righteous.
  • Hu – tiger.

What are common Asian first names?

Rank Numbers First names
1 873 kim
2 735 Lee
3 336 Park

What is a Japanese boy name?

Japanese Names for Boys

  • Asahi. In Japanese, this boy’s name means “sunlight.”
  • Haru. This name means “spring.”
  • Akio. This Japanese name means “bright.”
  • Haruto. Haruto means “flying.”
  • Akira. In the Japanese language, Akira means “wisdom.”
  • Hinata. The meaning of this Japanese name is “towards the sun.”
  • Botan.
  • Hiroto.

Can Asia be a boy name?

Asia – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Is Asia a unisex name?

The name Asia is a girl’s name.

What are some common Asian names?

Dr Khan is most likely to see you now: Asian surname is most common among doctors with Patel in second. The most common first names for male doctors are David, John and Andrew, while for women they are Sarah, Elizabeth and Helen. There are nearly 270,000 doctors registered with the General Medical Council regulator.

What are the most common Asian last names?

A surname and title of Mongolian origin, Khan is a widespread surname in most countries of Central and South Asia, particularly among Muslims. It is one of the most common last names in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Oman , Turkey and some other countries.

What are some male Japanese names?

Here is a list of some popular male Japanese dog names, along with their meaning and kanji. Aki – “bright / autumn” (明 / 秋) Akihiro – “great brightness” (明宏) Akio – “bright man” (昭夫) Akira – “bright / clear” (明 / 亮) Aoi – “blue” (碧) Arata – “new, fresh” (新)

What are the most popular Japanese first names?

Shota (“soaring strongly”)

  • Sho (“soaring”) 翔
  • Kenta (“healthy and strong”) 健太
  • Ren (“lotus”) 蓮
  • Daiki (“shining brightly”) 大輝
  • Hiroto (“soaring high”) 大翔
  • Tsubasa (“wings”) 翼
  • Daiki (“large tree”) 大樹
  • Sota (“strongly blowing wind”) 颯太
  • Takuya (meaning: “pioneering land”) 拓也