What are some baseball signs?

What are some baseball signs?

Giving Signals

  • Key or indicator Touching the face with the right hand.
  • Sacrifice/bunt Right hand to baseball cap.
  • Steal Right hand to ear.
  • Take a pitch Right hand to left arm.
  • Hit and Run Right hand to chest.
  • Swing Away Left hand to right arm (batter’s discretion)

What baseball signs do I need?

Signals For Offense

Offensive Play 3B Coach’s Sign
Double Steal Shoulder + sleeve (+chin)*
Suicide Squeeze Double wipe on thigh
Take Touch eye
Zone Hitting Clenched fist

What is an indicator in baseball?

An indicator is something that you can use to confuse your opposition if they are trying to steal your signs. Usually coaches will follow an indicator with the sign signaling a play is on. For example if your steal sign is a touch to the elbow it would immediately follow the indicator.

How do you coach first base?


  1. Calling out foul balls.
  2. Words of encouragement.
  3. To round, or not to round, that is the question.
  4. Communicate number of outs.
  5. Let runner on first know when they should tag up.
  6. Give signs to the batter.
  7. Communicate number of outs.
  8. Let runners on second and third know if they need to tag up.

How do you give a sign to third-base coach?

Third-base coaches will go through a series of decoy signs, for example, touching the ear, swiping a forearm or chest and then touching the face in a sequence that means nothing to the batter.

What do potato signs mean in baseball?

BASEBALL URBAN LEGEND: A catcher once picked off a runner at third with the use of a potato! One of the most legendary plays in the annals of baseball history is the so-called “Hidden Ball Trick.” It is when an infielder pretends to hand the baseball back to the pitcher but instead secretly holds on to the ball.

What does it mean when a batter taps his head?

In their context, the head pat indicates a “slam dunk,” which, according to Zach’s definition, has been loosely reinterpreted into baseball terms by the Dodgers mainstays. Of course, to commemorate such a tremendous hit, he did the team’s signature head pat, indicating a “slam dunk” of his own.

How do pitching signs work?

In the most basic form of this system, the catcher will put down a sign for the pitch type and then tap the inside of one of his thighs to signal location. The first number tells the pitcher to throw a fastball and the second number (an odd number) tells him the pitch should be away to a hitter.

What do 1st and 3rd base coaches do?

While the first-base coach is primarily responsible for the batter as to whether he stops at first base or not or for a runner already on first, the third-base coach carries more responsibility.

What does 3rd base coach do?

The third-base coach stands in foul ground, just behind the third-base bag, and helps relay signals from the dugout to both batters and baserunners. Additionally, the third-base coach is responsible for advising baserunners on whether to stop at second and third base or to continue running home. …

How to give baseball signs for coaches?

Another way to add simple easy baseball signs for coaches is to use the ‘hot’ indicator along with counting the touches. Here is how it works on how to give baseball signs. Let’s go back to the right hand to the hat as the ‘hot’ indicator.

What are the signs and signals from the third base coach?

Common Baseball Signs and Signals From Third Base Coach. Signals When Running the Bases. Baseball Signs in Sacrifice Situations. In a sacrifice situation with one out or less on the board, and a runner on first or second, the third base coach may throw out a bunt to first base side or a bunt to 3rd sign.

What signs do catchers give in youth baseball?

The bunt defense signs and plays and the 1st and 3rd situation are the most common situations for catchers giving baseball signs for youth infielders. Catchers also will be giving or receiving simple baseball signs involving pick-off plays with infielders. Picking off runners by a catcher is huge weapon for a youth baseball team.

Why do baseball coaches yell out hand signs?

A big factor in this is the use of hand signs. Obviously yelling out to Timmy to steal second base is not advised because the opposing catcher knows he needs to make a throw to second base to try to get the runner out. Signs are the conduit used in baseball to communicate things from the coaches to the players at bat and in the field.