What are seed beads?

What are seed beads?

They are tiny, fine beads which are available in multiple shapes such as triangle, round, bugle, square, drop and more. We stock our seed beads in a wonderful rainbow of shades and finishes including aurora borealis, silver lined, matt, opaque and transparent.

What are Miyuki seed beads?

Japanese Miyuki and Toho seed beads are renowned worldwide for their impeccable quality and consistency in shape and size. They are the seed bead of choice for many professional bead weavers. The Miyuki range includes delica, bugle, drop, magatamas, round, tila, triangle, hexagon and cube!

What are Delica seeds beads?

Delica seeds beads. Cylindrical in shape, Delica seed beads are a type of Miyuki bead and can be used to create effortlessly detailed pieces. Like traditional Miyuki beads, these also look fantastic stitched onto clothing and, due to being cylindrical rather than completely round, they’re much flatter when sewn onto fabrics.

Which brands make the best beads?

Brands include Infinity Two Hole Beads (available in two sizes), SuperUno and SuperDuo by Matubo. These beads are fantastic for creating interesting finishes and textures in your beading; SuperUnos make stunning edging to necklace and bracelet designs.