What are Milodon oil pans?

What are Milodon oil pans?

Milodon oil pans are designed to provide maximum performance for a specific application. They are designed for the engine, the car and the use. The engine may have a stock stroke length or a longer stroke.

What kind of sump does Milodon use?

Plus Filter – 7½” Sump Depth The Low Profile “triangulated” sump design that was originally developed by Milodon over three decades ago and gives both adequate ground clearance, as well as, sufficient oil capacity for any kind of high performance use. This pan is equally suited for use on the street or strip.

Are Milodon baffles made in the USA?

**It should be noted that while Milodon’s raw stock pan rails are stamped overseas, all baffle design, manufacturing and welding along with all plating, leak testing and block fitting are done here in the USA.** Has heavy duty front and rear interior baffles welded in for oil control.

How to trim Milodon windage trays 32100 and 32250?

Milodon Windage Trays #32100 and #32250 must be trimmed in front of No. 3 main cap mounting to clear shallow area of pan. 4⅛” deep front section. Pan Capacity is 6 Qts. Plus Filter