What are fluoroquinolones?

What are fluoroquinolones?

The fluoroquinolones are a family of synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotics, which eradicate bacteria by interfering with DNA replication.

Can fluoroquinolones be used on Marshall protocol?

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics. However, the fluoroquinolones are relatively ineffective against intracellular pathogens. Fluoroquinolones can be used as an acute-phase antibiotic for patients on the Marshall Protocol because they produce little or no immunopathology .

What are the issues to consider before prescribing fluoroquinolones?

Issues to consider before prescribing fluoroquinolones. The following issues should be addressed when a physician is deciding whether to use fluoroquinolone antibiotics: Fluoroquinolones are used by hospitals as “first-line” antibiotics. Fluoroquinolones are only a fraction as effective as minocycline in killing intracellular bacteria.

How long does it take for fluoroquinolone side effects to occur?

These side effects can occur hours to weeks after exposure to fluoroquinolones and may potentially be permanent.