What are drum baffles?

What are drum baffles?

Drum Baffles – refract the sound waves of your cymbals and toms away from the vocalist’s microphones and the sensitive ears of band members. Best results when recording with live mics on separate channels.

Why do drummers have a screen around them?

A drum screen, sometimes referred to as a drum shield or acoustic shield, is a tool used by audio engineers to avoid the sound control problems caused when louder instruments overwhelm quieter instruments and vocals on stage.

Do drum baffles work?

Drum Baffles refracts the sound waves of your cymbals and toms away from the vocalist’s microphones and the sensitive ears of band members. Attach the Drum Baffles to any cymbal stand just the way you would a cymbal… we don’t want to complicate the setup… it’s that easy.

What are shy baffles made of?

Shy baffle are nearly invisible acoustic shields. Those baffles are round pieces of transparent plastic that can be fixed on a cymbal stand and that you can place wherever you want near your drum kit. Different packs are available in 24″, 26″ & 30″from 350$ to 580$.

Why are drummers behind plastic screens?

They’re known as drum screens or drum shields and they serve an important purpose. Drummers play behind a drum screen because it disallows the sound of the drums and cymbals from entering microphones that are meant for other instruments. This means that the drums won’t overpower other instruments or vocals.

What are clearsound baffles and how do they work?

Praised by both musicians and audio engineers alike. Clearsound Baffles reduce bleed from instruments into other nearby microphones on stage and naturally dampen the delicate high-end frequencies necessary to help vocalists cut through a live mix.

How do drum panels work?

For this reason, drum panels are often paired with sound-absorbent materials, such as foam or baffles. These acoustic treatments line the inside of a drum shield, absorbing sound and reducing the reflections bouncing off the screens.

What is a drum shield setup?

These clear, upright screens act as sound barriers, keeping the drums from overwhelming other onstage musicians and mics. While some drum shield setups include only three panels, more extensive setups might completely surround the drummer on all sides – even from above.

How can I reduce the noise of my drums?

An isolation booth equipped with absorption panels will reduce excess drum noise without sacrificing clarity and authentic live drum sound. Engineers can buy single absorption panels (called baffles) – or packages like the ClearSonic LidPac 5-3D, which includes three baffles.