What are aviation Adds?

What are aviation Adds?

An Airworthiness Directive (commonly abbreviated as AD) is a notification to owners and operators of certified aircraft that a known safety deficiency with a particular model of aircraft, engine, avionics or other system exists and must be corrected. Thus, it is mandatory for an aircraft operator to comply with an AD.

What is the best aviation weather app?

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker.

  • CloudTopper. Download for iOS and Android.
  • AeroWeather. Download on iOS and Android.
  • MyRadar. Download for iOS and Android.
  • Garmin Pilot. Download for iOS and Android.
  • METARs Aviation Weather. Download for iOS.
  • Avia Weather. Download for Android.
  • AccuWeather. Download on iOS and Android.
  • What is a prog chart aviation?

    Prog Charts are forecasts for surface conditions. These are generated by WPC and rendered for the web site. WPC provides an analysis updated every three hours plus 12 and 24 hour forecasts updated four times a day and a 36 and 48 hour forecast updated twice a day.

    What is a Mel in aviation?

    Best Practices. The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is a document and method aircraft operators use to obtain relief from Federal Aviation Regulations requiring that all equipment installed on the aircraft be operative at the time of flight.

    What apps do pilots use for weather?

    The 10 best weather apps for pilots

    • Weekend Flyer.
    • Thunderly.
    • WINDY.
    • CloudTopper.
    • METARs Aviation Weather.
    • WeatherSpork.
    • Station Weather Sometimes though you just need a quick glance at the latest radar imagery, or view the updated METAR to see how things are trending.
    • RadarScope.

    What is the purpose of a prog chart?

    A prognostic chart is a map displaying the likely weather forecast for a future time. Such charts generated by atmospheric models as output from numerical weather prediction and contain a variety of information such as temperature, wind, precipitation and weather fronts.