Was the Sidemen beef fake?

Was the Sidemen beef fake?

KSI replied that the beef between himself and Harry was indeed real and that they were on bad terms… however, a few days later the two made up and the Sidemen regrouped in an old house in Wales for a “secret” event. The rivalry between Deji and the other Sidemen was also real, as was the Sky/KSI beef.

Who did Deji and Tobi sleep with?

After numerous reaction videos from Vikkstar123, Deji and Kirsty herself, it became apparent she had slept with both of them. This has led to rumours that she was “passed around” The Sidemen – which turned into a slight scandal as if it was true she would have only just turned 18 at the time.

Who is the leader of sidemen?

Josh gained an A* in GCSE Business Studies. This could explain why he is good at organisation and hosts the majority of group gaming sessions that the Sidemen take part in. Josh is, for many reasons, viewed almost as the “leader” of the group – despite them working together as a team the majority of the time.

Are the Sidemen splitting up 2021?

Actually Nope. On 3 August 2017, KSI made a series of tweets announcing his disengagement with the Sidemen. He followed this up with a four-minute YouTube video on 6 August 2017 confirming his decision.

Is Ethan still in the sidemen?

Ethan is now best known for his fitness and lifestyle videos on his main channel, as well as gaming videos on his second channel and his part in the Sidemen. In 2020, Ethan moved once again to another apartment in London, in which he filmed an apartment tour for.

Does JJ hate Ethan?

JJ later met up with Ethan and it was clear that they don’t hate each other. Up to this point, JJ still stated that he had left the group however, a “fact” seemingly confirmed by everybody else. However, the feud between Deji and everybody else was still thought to be genuine.

How did all the sidemen meet?

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The group originates from a Rockstar Games Social Club group made on 19 October 2013 in Grand Theft Auto Online, called “The Ultimate Sidemen”, which included all the members except for Lewis. In January 2014, Bradley met Lewis while at a FIFA gaming event in New York City and invited him to join the group.

How did Harry join sidemen?

Harry initially set up numerous YouTube channels on which he’d experiment with different ideas (i.e. he had separate channels for vlogging and playing instruments). Harry was the last to join the Sidemen, becoming a member around the same time he dropped out of school in early-2014 (a few months after their formation).

Did Harry leave the sidemen?

Harry on Twitter: “Its official guys, im out of the sidemen :'( http://t.co/KwB8ejdE9K” / Twitter.

What does XIX mean sidemen?

XIX, which represents the number 19, stands for the day the sidemen were formed (19/10/2013).

Are sidemen still together?

In reality, JJ never actually left the group and the seven are still together as of now. In 2018, the Sidemen launched a web television series for YouTube Originals called The Sidemen Show. It premiered in June 2018 to positive reviews and reactions.

What happened to Ethan’s dad sidemen?

In his official documentary, How to Be Behzinga, Ethan talks about how his biological father disappeared once his mother became pregnant with him. He also tells that he had a step-father, whom his mother met when he was six months old, but that he left when Ethan was 13 due to drug addiction and debt.