Was Crossing Lines Cancelled?

Was Crossing Lines Cancelled?

Crossing Lines: Season Two Now Available in United States It didn’t perform well in the ratings so the network cancelled the show.

Is Crossing Lines a good show?

It’s magnificent toshtastic bahoolery, and I loved it. Crossing Lines seems content to just stick with boring stereotypes. The team is a colorful group, plus Fichtner is a wonderful leading man. The show also has a feeling of more of a cable show than a network show.

What happens to Eva in crossing lines?

At the end of this episode, she requests Tommy to join her in Spain because she believes she might be walking into a dangerous situation. His shock at her request hurts her, and she hangs up, refusing to answer his calls. He calls her frantically until he is shot in the head by one of the men they are hunting.

What happened to the cast of crossing lines?

Crossing Lines: William Fichtner Exits Ahead Of Season 3, Goran Visnjic & Elizabeth Mitchell Join As New Regulars. UPDATED: Crossing Lines is losing its lead actor. TVWise has also confirmed that original cast members Marc Lavoine, Richard Flood and Gabriella Pession are also exiting the show ahead of season three.

Is there a third series of Crossing Lines?

The third season of the internationally produced Crossing Lines finally debuts in the U.S. — and TV Insider’s sneak peek introduces two new people (familiar to TV fans) to the team: kidnapping expert Marco Corazza, played by Goran Visnjic (ER, Timeless) and skilled investigator Carine Strand, played by Elizabeth …

Where can I watch season 3 Crossing Lines?

Currently you are able to watch “Crossing Lines – Season 3” streaming on Plex for free.

Who shot Tommy in Crossing Lines?

Crossing Tropes: Abusive Parents: In Tommy’s backstory he was part of an Irish Travellers’ Camp. When he joined the police, his father put a hit out on him. Accidental Aiming Skills: In Season 1, Episode 7: “Animals” – Hickman shoots the gun out of a suspect’s hand.

How many seasons does Crossing Lines have?

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How many seasons does crossing lines have?