Top Creative Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019

Top Creative Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019


Digital Marketing operates in a highly dynamic eco-system. What holds good in 2018, will not perform at the best levels in 2019. This is because tech giants and social platforms are constantly changing and evolving their algorithms.

The drive towards displaying the most appropriate information and content is the biggest development in 2019. From search engines to social media channels, great content rules the digital environment.

However, great content is not enough. It needs to be backed by the right approaches and strategies. How you are able to reach the right audiences is the key digital marketing end for most brands and agencies.

Why is Digital Marketing Constantly Evolving?

The penetration of internet services and smartphones are bringing more and people to the digital fold every day. According to We Are Social, more than half of the Earth’s population uses internet in 2019. This is more than three and a half billion people.

Brands, both big and small, cannot afford to ignore digital marketing anymore. Likewise, search engines, internet providers, and social platforms cannot afford to ignore the needs and demands of internet users.

The quest to drive out manipulations and fabrications, along with delivering on genuine, authentic content is making digital marketing evolve. In this article, we look at some of the top trends in digital marketing in 2019, which brands and agencies need to follow.

Top Creative Digital Marketing Trends in 2019: The List

  • Video Marketing is the Future-

The performance of videos as a form of content is growing every day. This is not only true of search engines, but also of social media channels. Compared to static images, videos receive higher views, better engagement and lead to more sales conversions.

In 2019, almost all the brands that are doing well on internet have adopted video as a critical component of their digital marketing. By mixing up content types, brands and agencies can ensure better ROIs from the respective channels.

  • Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies-

Traditional channels of digital marketing are not going to give you the desired results in a short period. The turnaround time for such strategies is usually long. However, brands and agencies are exploring innovative channels of digital marketing.

Quality Guest Posting and excellent blogger outreach services are helping brands to get the right results in shorter time spans. By taking help from guest and blogger outreach, brands are:

  1. Increasing their website traffic,
  2. Improving SEO scores,
  3. Climbing the search rankings, and
  4. Earning real revenues.
  • Google My Business (GMB)-

If you are even remotely familiar with Local SEO, you will know the importance of Google My Business. GMB has emerged in recent years, as one of the most sought after Local SEO platforms. Small brands are benefitting in terms of increasing their footfalls and revenues from GMB.

IN 2019, Google is promoting GMB in a big way, especially after the demise of Google Plus. While some industry insiders say that GMB is the next big area of attention, others feel that it has always been a critical part of Google’ search ecosystem.

  • Don’t ignore Microsoft’s Search Engine Bing-

There is no doubt that Google is the king of the search engine world. However, Microsoft’s Bing is slowly establishing itself as a credible search engine. There are over 137 million searches, which are taking place every month on Bing.

Unlike Google, Bing Marketing is cheaper and delivers better ROIs according to Microsoft’s own internal reports. In the coming years, Bing is definitely going to grow, and it would be foolish for brands and marketers not to pay attention to this search engine.

  • Influencer Marketing-

The power of influencer marketing on social media has already been established. However, in 2019, Influencer Marketing saw a change when problems of buying followers and engagement surfaced. This created a lot of controversy, and backlash from brands and the social media community.

However, in 2019, brands have started to work more with Micro (>10,000 Followers) and Nano (>1000 Followers). This is primarily because engagement has superseded follower count. This also eliminates the problem of verifying fake followers and engagements.


Being a highly dynamic and ever evolving domain, brands and agencies need to stay aware of the changing trends. However, being aware of the changes helps you devise strategies that pushes you beyond your competitors.

By following the above top trends of digital marketing in 2019, you can be rest assured that you are following the best practices of the industry. If you are interested in increasing website traffic and generating more revenues, the top trends are going to help you.

If you want to share some more trends, please feel free to drop you suggestions in the comments section below.