Should I use a 14 or 15 lb bowling ball?

Should I use a 14 or 15 lb bowling ball?

A majority of bowlers are throwing 15 pounds, with 16 pounds and then 14 pound equipment. For lower rev bowlers, this may help carry. 15 pound balls will hook more than 16 pounds generally speaking and is more than dynamic enough to cover up the weight difference.

Does bowling ball weight matter?

The weight of the bowling ball matters when the ball hits the pins. Too heavy and it will just plow through the pins. Also, you’ll suffer damage to your hand/wrist while throwing it (which is why this is heavily regulated, and 16 pounds is the maximum). Too light, and the ball will just bounce off the pins.

Is a 13lb bowling ball good?

If 13lb is all you can handle, it is perfectly fine to use. Will a 13lb hit as hard and carry as well as a heavier ball? Probably not. There is definitely a trade off between using a heavier ball with less speed and revolutions as opposed to a lighter ball and generating more speed and revolutions.

Do heavier bowling balls curve more?

The short answer is no. The weight of a bowling ball does not directly translate to hook potential. HOWEVER, many bowling ball manufacturers put their “signature” core for a ball into the 14, 15, and 16 pound balls. At lower weights, it becomes more common to see an alternative core used.

How heavy should a bowling ball be?

But another big decision to make is how heavy your bowling ball should be. In general, a male adult with average strength will choose a ball that weighs 15 or 16 pounds, and a female will choose a ball from 10 to 12 pounds.

What weight of bowling ball should I use?

The maximum legal weight of a bowling ball is 16 pounds (or 7.27 kilograms). For that reason, a lot of bowlers use 16-pound bowling balls, whether they should or not.

What is the heaviest bowling ball ever made?

The Heaviest Bowling Balls. The biggest loads I ever saw were thrown by Mario who came to Central alot and Joe Leggett who hung around Lyons Lanes in Jersey. Joe always threw an 18 pound ball which made him a 200 bowler.

What is the heaviest bowling ball allowed?

The heaviest legal bowling ball weighs 16 pounds. The lightest weight you can usually find at most bowling alleys is six pounds. That’s a significant 10-pound range, and you can choose a ball anywhere within its limits.