Is Willesden Junction a safe area?

Is Willesden Junction a safe area?

Re: Is Willesden Green safe? It’s not the greatest area in London, but you shouldn’t feel concerned for your safety. Just take the usual precautions of not flashing your phone or money around, etc.

Which zone is Willesden Junction?

Willesden Junction is in z2 when travelling from zones 1/2 and is in z3 when travelling from zones 3-6 (and beyond to Watford Junction & Gatwick).

Are trains running from Clapham Junction to Willesden Junction?

No trains will run between Clapham Junction and Willesden Junction. Customers should use local buses between Clapham Junction and Willesden Junction on any reasonable route.

What platform is Willesden Junction on?

Willesden Junction

Due Destination Platform
05:41 Harrow & Wealdstone
05:47 London Euston 1
05:51 Stratford (London) 2
05:52 Watford Junction 3

What is it like to live in Harlesden?

As a well-connected, north west London suburb, Harlesden offers excellent links to Oxford Street, the shopping behemoth Westfields, the impressive vintage treasures of Portobello Market and Scandinavian homewares of IKEA Wembley for a serious retail fix.

Is Dollis Hill a nice place to live?

Dollis Hill is a friendly and safe neighbourhood with a large park with sports groups, playing fields, cafes and a beautiful walled rose garden.

Is Willesden Junction on Bakerloo line?

The typical off-peak service at Willesden Junction is six Bakerloo line trains per hour (tph) between Elephant & Castle and Harrow & Wealdstone and three Bakerloo line trains per hour (tph) between Elephant & Castle and Stonebridge Park.

Which borough is Willesden in?

London Borough of Brent
Willesden (/ˈwɪlzdən/) is an area of North West London, situated 5 miles (8 km) northwest of Charing Cross. It is historically a parish in the county of Middlesex that was incorporated as the Municipal Borough of Willesden in 1933, and has formed part of the London Borough of Brent in Greater London since 1965.

What’s Willesden Green like to live in?

Willesden Green is really hard to beat if you want to live in a secure, friendly environment with loads of great restaurants and shops. And it’s just a 10 minute ride to Baker Street on the famed Jubilee Line. Willesden Green is safe, friendly and really well connected!

How bad is Harlesden?

Crime and safety Like any part of London, crime does exist in Harlesden and in the 1990s the area was known to have a problem with drugs. However, crime rates have declined locally in recent years and are lower than average in the Borough of Brent.

Is harlesden gentrified?

Harlesden has long been living in the shadow of its gentrified neighbours, Queens Park and Kensal Green, but after heavy investment in the town centre and the approved HS2 and Crossrail projects, Harlesden is on the cusp of becoming the Clapham of North West London.

Is Dollis Hill a bad area?

What is Willesden Junction train station?

Open since 1866, Willesden Junction train station sees daily services from both the London Overground and London Underground. Operations at the station are managed by London Overground.

What happened at Willesden Junction on 14 September 1990?

On 14 September 1990, a North London Line commuter train from Richmond was accidentally sent on to a dedicated freight line to Willesden Junction. A signal man had pulled the wrong lever sending the train onto the wrong line. The freight line was not electrified and the passenger train stopped almost immediately.

Where is Willesden in London?

Willesden (/ˈwɪlzdən/) is an area in north west London which forms part of the London Borough of Brent. It is situated 5 miles (8 km) northwest of Charing Cross.

Which London Underground lines pass through Willesden?

Several rail and London Underground lines pass through Willesden, calling at local stations including: Dollis Hill tube station (Jubilee line) Willesden Green tube station (Jubilee line) Willesden Junction station (Bakerloo line and London Overground)