Is Ultrasun sunscreen good?

Is Ultrasun sunscreen good?

Designed for those looking for a facial-specific sunscreen with sun protection and anti-ageing. I found it easy to apply and non-greasy. Easy to use, comfortable, lasts well on the skin, gives good protection and straightforward to apply. Lasts well on the skin.

Is Ultrasun broad spectrum?

Swiss professional sun care brand Ultrasun offers sensitive broad spectrum sun protection from UVA, infrared A & Blue Light. Advanced lamellar technology gives long-lasting, fast absorbing & light formulas.

Is Ultrasun waterproof?

This ensures that the protection you receive is photostable, water resistant and long-lasting, and it won’t break down during its 8-10 hour wear time. After this time, the protection is naturally released from the skin, no scrubbing or rubbing required.

Is Ultrasun mineral or chemical?

The Ultrasun Mineral Face SPF50 is certified Organic by NATRUE, this formula provides heavy duty protection in a lightweight lotion. The mineral range uses only physical filters which, combined with anti-ageing super-ingredient, Ectoin, make this the go-to for those with super sensitive skin.

Can you put Moisturiser over Ultrasun?

It is really important that Ultrasun is applied FIRST to clean, dry skin before another moisturising or beauty product to allow Ultrasun to fully bind with your skin. You can put your skincare over the top and you are not wasting it.

Can you put moisturiser over Ultrasun?

Does Ultrasun contain zinc?

The key active mineral sun protective ingredients in this bottle are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Can you still get a tan with Ultrasun?

A good sun protection product does not affect the natural tanning capacity of the skin. Ultrasun isn’t a sunblock but a filter. Therefore your skin is still able to breathe and tan.

Does Ultrasun go on before Moisturiser?