Is Tristana good for mid?

Is Tristana good for mid?

Tristana is a good option for the mid lane if the team needs attack damage, as she does have the mobility and disengages to survive without a support peeling for her. On patch 11.6, Tristana has been played by far the most in the bot lane, but also still a fair bit in the mid lane at Platinum rank and higher.

Is Tristana A hyper carry?

Tristana is a hyper-carry. She can boost her own attack speed for a fight, and has a passive to increase her range (giving her better target seletion). Her ultimate can be woven into a teamfight between shots to amp her damage even further.

Is Tristana good for beginners?

Being the oldest ADC in League of Legends, Tristana is the baseline for her role. For beginners, Tristana may be the best ADC to start off with, but for experienced players she can still make game changing plays. Though intuitive, Tristana takes time and skill to master along with a bit of restraint.

Is AP Tristana better than AD Tristana?

AP Tristana has a lot lower DPS and late game potential then AD Tristana but on the other hand she has an insane burst damage and can make it pretty awkward for an enemy team to buy defensive items against. The main point of this guide is to help you have fun with Tristana and make you try something new and interesting.

Is AP Tristana a mobile burst assassin?

AP Tristana shares a lot of the strengths her AD counterpart, she has great sieging, Strong harass, and a very big safety net. But now add in, High Burst damage, waveclear, and incredible 1v1 power, and you turn from a point and click ADC to a Mobile Burst Assassin.

How do you play Tristana mid as AP?

When you are mid, simply pick a rune that counters damage type of enemy midlaner. AP Tristana is a queen of burst damage. She can annihilate her prey very quickly and then immediately Rocket Jump back into the safety.

What are the best keystones for AP Tristana?

I feel this path offers the best in consistent damage, that you can’t get running Precision Arcane Comet is the best of the three sorcery keystones on AP tristana, due to her consistent poke and multiple sources of early damage, you are able to take advantage of it very often, allowing you to maximize your lane presence.