Is there snowfall in Daringbadi?

Is there snowfall in Daringbadi?

PHULBANI/BHAWANIPATNA: Daringbadi, considered Kashmir of Odisha, witnessed season’s first snowfall on Sunday morning with the temperature going down to three degree Celsius. A thin blanket of snow was seen in many parts of Daringibadi town. Temperature in Phulbani town was recorded at 4.5 degree Celsius.

What is the best time to visit Daringbadi?

The best time to visit Daringbadi is October-November The warmest month of the year in Daringbadi is May, where the average temperature gets to around 37℃ (99℉), but temperatures can reach as high as 39℃ (102℉) on the hottest days in summer. The coldest it usually gets in winter-time in Daringbadi is around 16℃ (61℉).

What was lowest temperature of Daringbadi?

Reportedly, Daringbadi recorded a low 3.5 degree Celcius while Phulbani recorded 4°C. A layer of snowflakes has been spotted on bikes, cars, grass, and on the roof of the houses in the Koida, Tensa, Sanindpur, Kasira, and Kalta areas.

What is the temperature of Daringbadi in December?

Monthly Weather in Daringbadi

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
September 25°/ 19° 25 days
October 25°/ 18° 23 days
November 26°/ 15° 0 days
December 24°/ 12° 1 days

Can it snow at 38 degrees?

Is it ever too cold to snow? No. it can snow even at an incredibly cold temperature as long as there is some source of moisture in the air and a way to lift or cool the air. Still, most heavy snowfalls occur relatively warm.

Is it good to visit Daringbadi in April?

Throughout the year but the best time to go Daringbadi is September to May. Thanks.

Which is the coldest place in Odisha?

Cold Wave Grips Odisha, Phulbani Coldest at 3.5 Degrees Celsius.

What is the lowest temperature recorded in Odisha?

“Around 12 places in Odisha have recorded temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius, particularly Phulbani, Kandhamal, which recorded 7 degrees Celsius,” said IMD senior scientist.

Is Orissa a poor state?

As a result, Orissa ranks very low among the Indian states in terms of per capita income, and it has become one of the poorest states of the country. Large proportion of people in the state have very poor living conditions.