Is there a word with double n?

Is there a word with double n?

It can be useful to create lists of words that contain two n consonants that don’t come from the addition of a suffix….Double n created by the addition of a suffix.

neńua umassinńua these shoes; the other’s shoes
atussenanńu etati we work (obviative) when s/he is there;

What is a word with double letters?

Words That Start With Double Letters

aardvark eerie eek
eel llama ooh
oops ooze oozing

Is ne a Scrabble word?

Ne is valid Scrabble Word.

What word has HL?


  • ashlar.
  • ashler.
  • dahlia.
  • highly.
  • lushly.
  • muchly.
  • phlegm.
  • What word has 4 double letters in a row?

    subbookkeeper is the only word found in an English langauge dictionary with four pairs of double letters in a row.

    What is a good n words to describe someone?

    Adjectives Starting with N to Describe a Person

    • naive.
    • narcissistic.
    • nasty.
    • natural.
    • naughty.
    • nauseated.
    • nauseating.
    • nauseous.

    Is Na a valid scrabble word?

    Na is valid Scrabble Word.

    What are some words with n as the second letter?

    List of 4- letter words second N. anal, anan, anas, ance, ands, anes, anew, anga, anil, anis, ankh, anna, anno, anns, anoa, anon, anow, ansa, anta, ante, anti, ants, anus, ends, enes, enew, engs, enol, enow, enuf, envy, gnar, gnat, gnaw, gnow, gnus, inby, inch, info, ingo, inia, inks, inky, inly, inns, inro, inti, into, knag, knap, knar, knee, knew, knit, knob, knop, knot, know, knub, knur, knut, mnas, once, oner, ones, onie, only, onos, onst, onto, onus, onyx, snab, snag, snap, snar, snaw,

    What words have double meaning?

    double meaning (plural double meanings) The situation in which a word or phrase has two different, often opposite, meanings. For example, wicked can mean both “good” and “bad”.

    What word starts with double letters?

    What are words that start with an N?

    List of cool words that start with N

    Noggin Nitwit Nincompoop
    Nought Nephron Nocturnal
    Nebulous Nightcap Neophyte
    Nougat Niello Nymph
    Netizen Narwhal Nuptial

    What are some double letters?

    The most common double letter is L, with LL accounting for 0.6% of all bigrams. Other common double-letter bigrams are SS, EE, OO, and TT. Some double letters did not appear in the corpus: JJ, KK, QQ, VV, WW, and YY.

    What word has NC?


    • counterintelligence.
    • meningoencephalitis.
    • electroluminescence.
    • cathodoluminescence.
    • countertransference.
    • photoreconnaissance.
    • countersurveillance.
    • encephalomeningitis.

    What word has two A’s in it?

    The words aardvark and aardwolf are two exceptions. Both come from early Afrikaans (note the a’s), in which aarde means “earth.”

    What is the most rare letter?

    The rarest letters in English are J, Q, X, and Z.

    What is a positive word for N?

    Small Positive N Words

    Word Definition Synonyms
    nibble (v.) to take small bites chew, eat, snack
    nice (adj.) someone who is pleasant or agreeable agreeable, appealing, charming
    nifty (adj.) something that is good or great cool, neat, terrific
    nimble (adj.) someone who is quick to move or understand adroit, agile, alert

    What is a good describing word that starts with N?

    What are twin letters?

    Twin consonants are two identical letters side by side in a word with only the first letter making the sound. To code a word with twin consonants cross out the second letter of the pair. Examples of words following this rule: ball class stuff. Consonant Digraphs.

    Is NC a word in Scrabble?

    No, nc is not in the scrabble dictionary.

    How many 10 letter words start with N?

    10-letter words that start with n 1 n ationwide 2 n ineteenth 3 n ewsletter 4 n avigation 5 n omination 6 n oticeable 7 n egligence 8 n oteworthy 9 n egligible 10 n eutrality

    What words have double letters at 2nd position?

    Double letters at 2nd position:all, see, off, too, add, www, fee, ill, egg, odd, bee, app, iii, inn, tee, zoo, wee, dll, err, foo, cpp, woo, hmm, hee, ebb, soo, gcc, goo, att, lee, css, nee, doo, vii, arr, iff, hoo, hii, gee, boo, mmm, umm, ell, acc, mee, ooo, uhh Words 4 letters long Back to: Main Page Back to: Top of this Page

    What are some double letter words with 4 letters?

    Double-Letter Words With 4 Letters ball been beep beer beet bell book boom boot bull butt call cell cook cool

    What are some examples of double letters at the end?

    Double Letters at End Three letters:all, see, off, too, add, www, fee, ill, egg, odd, inn, bee, tee, zoo, wee, hmm, err, woo, gee, umm, hee, ebb, goo, boo