Is the Nikon P510 a good camera?

Is the Nikon P510 a good camera?

I’m still not sure there’s a good reason to have a 42x zoom lens on a compact camera. But, regardless, the Nikon Coopix P510 is overall a very good full-size megazoom even if you never use the full zoom range….6.4.

General shooting options Nikon Coolpix P510
Burst mode shot limit (full resolution) 5 shots

What camera replaced the Nikon Coolpix P510?

The P510 lasted only a year, replaced in 2013 by the P520 with 18 megapixels (though the sensor was no bigger), a slightly larger rear screen and a f/3 maximum aperture.

What is the max continuous shooting speed of Nikon P510?

Nikon P510 can shoot continuously at max speed of 7 fps and has max shutter speed of 1/8000 sec.

Does the Nikon P510 have wireless?

Nikon Coolpix P510 gives you Eye-Fi (wireless) facility. The camera lets you capture snaps from a long distance. However, you should not forget the fact that as the length increases there will be a proportionate hue in the picture. Nikon Coolpix P510 gives you a number of features to capture the best shots in various lighting conditions.

What is the sensor size of Nikon Coolpix P510?

Nikon Coolpix P510 | Full Specifications: Sensor type: CMOS, Sensor size: 6.17×4.55, Sensor photo detectors: 17, Effective pixels: 16,

Is a Nikon P510 a DSLR camera?

The Nikon Coolpix P510 has a DSLR feel, is featured packed and takes great pictures.

WHAT IS lens size of Nikon Coolpix P510?

Nikon P510 Review

Basic Specifications
Full model name: Nikon Coolpix P510
Resolution: 16.10 Megapixels
Sensor size: 1/2.3 inch (6.2mm x 4.6mm)
Lens: 42.00x zoom (24-1,000mm eq.)

How far is 42x zoom?

The 42x Nikkor lens starts at a wide 24mm and goes all the way to 1,000mm (full-frame equivalent).

Does Nikon Coolpix P510 shoot raw?

The Nikon Coolpix P510 isn’t an advanced camera, since it can’t shoot in RAW format and lacks a hot-shoe for attaching an external flash, but it offers a wide array of advanced options and features you’d find on more expensive cameras.

Is 42x optical zoom good?

This great optical zoom of 42x is just perfect for daily photography because it gives you a lot of flexibility since this is going to be the only camera you’ll use during the day. Also, if you are going to carry it around the whole day, you will want it to be small and lightweight.

Is 10x optical zoom enough?

At least 10x zoom is needed, but 50x optical zoom or even more is better. Many professional wildlife photographers go for very long lenses that enable them to photograph wildlife from a significant distance. If you can’t afford a lens with a long focal length, then a high zoom range is what you should go for.