Is Tata Pixel available in Europe?

Is Tata Pixel available in Europe?

The Tata Pixel was a concept rear-engined four-passenger city car, unveiled on 1 March 2011 by Tata Motors at the 81st International Motor Show in Geneva. Aimed primarily at the European market, it was primarily based on the Tata Nano platform….Suspension, Tires & Brakes.

Supplier Part/system
Texspin Clutch Bearings

What happened Tata Pixel?

The car has been already launched in Europe but the launch date of the new India-bound Tata Pixel is yet to be officially announced. The car has futuristic looks and a compact design, which will make it a perfect vehicle for heavily crowded areas. The car will have the capability to reach a top speed of 105 kmph.

What is the cost of Tata Pixel?

Tata Megapixel

Tata Megapixel Technical Specifications
Maximum power 22 Kw
Maximum torque 500 Nm
Seating 4
Price Between Rs.2 lakh and Rs.5 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi

When Tata Pixel launch?

The Tata Pixel is the new concept car by Tata. It was first unveiled in the Geneva automobile show in 2011 and was showcased in India in the Delhi Auto expo of 2012. Created on the Nano platform, the car was designed exclusively for the European market.

Is Tata Nano an electric car?

Tata Nano used have a length in excess of 3 metres. The Nano EV is equipped with a 33 PS electric motor and can generate a maximum torque of 85 Nm. It can also go up to speed of 100 kmph. The Nano EV will have an IP67-certified lithium-ion battery placed under the seat, with a capacity of 28 kWh.

What is the Tata Pixel?

Tata Motors today presented at the 81st Geneva Motor Show the Tata Pixel, a new city car concept for Europe.

Which countries are Tata cars being marketed in?

Tata cars, buses and trucks are being marketed in several countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and South America. ( The Tata Pixel, with ‘Zero Turn’ drive and an innovative diamond-shaped door system, is a new city car concept for Europe from Tata Motors.

Why Tata Pixel is the most eco-friendly pickup truck?

Low Carbon Footprint – Equipped with an efficient diesel motor, the Pixel assures an environmentally friendly ride. Providing a mileage of up to 20 km in a liter of fuel. Aesthetics – To further improve the overall package, TATA decided to equip the Pixel with a pair of scissor doors.

What is mytata pixel?

“My Tata Connect” is a platform which provides integration of smart phones or tablet with the vehicle’s information, and entertainment system and also allows the user to control the key functions of the car. The Pixel is a 66 PS (49 kW; 65 hp) car with a three-cylinder 1200 cc rear engine.