Is Sword of the Stranger dubbed?

Is Sword of the Stranger dubbed?

Sword of the Stranger (Dub)

Where can u watch Sword of the Stranger?

How to Watch Sword of the Stranger. You are able to stream Sword of the Stranger by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video.

How long is Sword of the Stranger?

1h 43mSword of the Stranger / Running time

Is Sword of the Stranger on funimation?

Sword of the Stranger | Watch on Funimation.

Where can I watch Sword of the Stranger UK?

Currently you are able to watch “Sword of the Stranger” streaming on Funimation Now.

Does the stranger by the beach have a dub?

Three years pass—can love persevere? The Stranger by the Shore will officially arrive on Funimation on July 9, in both subtitled and in English dub format. The English dub of the film stars Josh Grelle as Shun, Justin Briner as Mio, Morgan Lauré as Eri, Bryn Apprill as Suzu and many, many more!

Who made Sword of the Stranger?

Sword of the Stranger
Hepburn Sutorenjia Mukōhadan
Directed by Masahiro Andō
Written by Fumihiko Takayama
Produced by Masahiko Minami

Is Sword of the Stranger Chinese?

Sword of the Stranger (Japanese: ストレンヂア 無皇刃譚, Hepburn: Sutorenjia Mukōhadan) is a 2007 Japanese animated jidaigeki-chanbara adventure film produced by Bones and released by Shochiku. The film was commissioned in 2005, directed by Masahiro Andō and written by Fumihiko Takayama.

Where can I watch the stranger from the beach?

The Stranger by the Shore is currently available to stream with a subscription on Funimation for , after a 14-Day Free Trial.

Is Umibe no Etranger a series?

“Stranger series”) is a Japanese boys’ love (BL) manga series written and illustrated by Kanna Kii. The first book, L’étranger de la Plage (海辺のエトランゼ, Umibe no Etoranze), was serialized in the bimonthly manga magazine On BLUE from 2013 to 2014.

Is the stranger-Mukou Hadan anime worth watching?

Considering the mystery of Nanashi is Stranger’s main hook, this failure to deliver not only leaves me feeling cheated, but also unsure about what ultimately motivates him to develop from reticent warrior to kick-arse hero.OverallFleetingly enjoyable, Stranger – Mukou Hadan has no real rewatch value.

Is stranger-Mukou Hadan like Seirei no Moribito?

If you like this anime, you might like… StoryIt’s a real shame that Stranger – Mukou Hadan is regularly compared to Seirei no Moribito; it means that, all the while I was watching, I couldn’t help noticing how deficient Stranger is in comparison.

What awards has Mukou Hadan won?

Stranger: Mukou Hadan won the award for Best Animated Feature at Brazil’s International Fantastic Film Festival and was nominated for the same categories at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. It also won the 2009 “Menzione Speciale” recognition at Italy’s Future Film Festival.

Is stranger a well-budgeted movie?

The result is that Stranger still feels like a well-budgeted, straight to DVD movie rather than an all-out splurge of studio money made for the big screen.