Is Swan and Swanstone the same company?

Is Swan and Swanstone the same company?

Since 1964, Swan has been a leader in creating innovative and affordable solid surfacing products. Decades later, Swanstone, a revolutionary and compression-molded solid surface material was introduced. The Swan line has since expanded to include kitchen sinks, countertops, bathtub walls and shower walls and more.

What is Swanstone made out of?

What is the Swanstone material? This product is manufactured from our solid surface material, Swanstone, which is a compression-molded, thermoset material consisting of a blend of polymer resins, fillers and reinforcement additives.

Is Swanstone like Corian?

Made from the same tough Corian material, these accessories are durable and attractive with all the qualities you’ll enjoy from Corian solid surface countertops. Price – Swanstone: While DuPont Corian tends to be the most expensive, Swanstone offers the best value.

Is Swanstone expensive?

How Much Do Swanstone Countertops Cost? Although prices will vary depending on where you live, in general, Swanstone countertops cost in the range of $50 to $75 per square foot.

Is Swanstone an engineered stone?

Characteristics. Swanstone is a solid surface created by the compression of a plastic compound into molds. Because it is manmade, it is available in dozens of colors, both solid and aggregate.

Which is better acrylic or Vikrell?

Acrylic is slightly stronger than Vikrell since it has more of a solid structure. That is why it tends to tolerate physical distress better and survive for a longer time. Vikrell is more susceptible to wear and tear among the two. As a result, acrylic would offer you higher durability than Vikrell.

How do you clean Swanstone?

Clean your Swanstone sink by using abrasive cleaners or other similar products. Use of a nylon scouring pad is also recommended. Food-based stains can be removed using a 50-50 mix of bleach and water solution and soaking for 15 minutes. For rust or other mineral stains, rust-removing products are acceptable.

Is Swanstone quartz?

Swan Granite Sinks are made with 80% natural quartz stone, making them extremely durable, low maintenance; retaining their solid good looks for years.

Is Swanstone a natural stone?

Swanstone countertops are a durable solid surface countertop option that is made from a modified acrylic and natural materials. The countertops are available in a range of more subdued colors, from white to sand to black.