Is Stoker worth watching?

Is Stoker worth watching?

If you enjoy a mystery thriller that is something out of the ordinary, then “Stoker” is well worth a watch. However, just bring an open mind, because “Stoker” does tend to think out of the sandbox most of the time in terms as mystery thriller goes.

What is the plot of the movie Stoker?

India Stoker’s (Mia Wasikowska) world comes crashing down when her father (Jacki Weaver) dies in a car accident. Adding to the girl’s emotionol turmoil is the sudden arrival of Charlie (Matthew Goode), an uncle whom she never knew existed. Charlie moves in with India and her unstable mother (Nicole Kidman), and soon India begins to suspect that this charming and mysterious man has ulterior motives. However, instead of feeling alarmed, India becomes increasingly infatuated with him.
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How scary is Stoker?

Parents need to know that Stoker is a dark thriller that riffs on Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt and has nothing to do with Dracula author Bram Stoker. The movie is filled with gruesome murders and lots of blood, including spraying, spattering, and dribbling down a wall.

What year is the movie Stoker set in?

It’s only when India goes to school, where she looks starkly out-of-place among classmates clad in jeans and T-shirts, and Uncle Charlie refers to the vintage of a bottle of 1994 wine as the same year India was born, that the audience begins to realize the film is set in the present day.

Is Stoker 2013 Scary?

Miller described it as a “horror film, a family drama and a psychological thriller”. Although influenced by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Miller clarified that Stoker was “not about vampires. It was never meant to be about vampires but it is a horror story.

How does the movie Stoker end?

When Charlie got out, Richard gave his younger brother some money and advised him to move to New York and stay away from his family. Enraged, Charlie beat Richard to death with a rock and stages a car accident. When India sees her uncle wearing her father’s sunglasses, she realizes that Charlie killed her father.

Does Netflix have Stoker?

Watch The Stoker | Netflix.

What happened to Jonathan in Stoker?

She confronts Charlie, who explains the truth: Charlie killed his and Richard’s younger brother Jonathan as a child by burying him alive in a sandbox because he was jealous that Richard paid more attention to him.

Does Hulu have Stoker?

Watch Stoker Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What do you think about the movie Stoker?

“Stoker” doesn’t exist in a normal, everyday reality – it’s more of an alternative dream reality, hyper-aware and sexually charged. The three principle actors are superb, but Mia Wasikowska really gives the film a beating heart, as she emerges from her innocence into her latent self – a mesmerizing performance.

Is Stoker worth the watch?

The story isn’t really that subtle or original but Stoker is a stylishly made film that will give you a quite different experience. Instead of jump scares or whatever tricks that typical thrillers use, the film rather tests the anxiety of the audience in these strange haunting exteriors.

How old is India Stoker in the movie?

The main character is an 18 year old girl called India Stoker played by Mia Wasikowska who was recently in the not very good but very popular Alice in Wonderland. She leads the film very well and carries off the bookish character effectively.

Is’Stoker’a thriller or a horror film?

But “Stoker,” the first English-language film by Korean director Park Chan-wook (” Oldboy “), is no supernatural thriller. It’s much more frightening than that — asking us to accept that some people can kill as easily as they can turn off a light, and that they may have been that way even when they were children.