Is SparkNotes a credible source?

Is SparkNotes a credible source?

Basically, a credible source is usually either: There are a range of websites that are written for students that are not credible sources. These include SparkNotes, enotes, CliffsNotes, GradeSaver, LitNotes, Shmoop and NovelGuide.

What does the phrase Coles notes mean?

student guides to literature

Who invented Cliff Notes?

Clifton Keith Hillegass

Who writes for sparknotes?

Barnes & Noble acquired in 2001 for approximately $3.5 million….SparkNotes.

Type of site Study guide
Created by Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, Chris Coyne, and Eli Bolotin
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional

Which is better SparkNotes or Cliff Notes?

Both sites provide similar information, ranging from overall plot summaries and character analysis, but Sparknotes goes more into the literary aspect of the book, while cliffnotes focuses more on the character and his motives.

How do you take notes on a book?

Helpful tips

  1. Write notes in your own words instead of copying down information from the book.
  2. Avoid over-highlighting.
  3. Wait until the end of a page to take notes so that you can better focus on what you are reading and so that you can try to summarize in your own words rather than copy.

What defines a cliff?

A cliff is a mass of rock that rises very high and is almost vertical, or straight up-and-down. Cliffs are very common landscape features. They can form near the ocean (sea cliffs), high in mountains, or as the walls of canyons and valleys.

Is it OK to use SparkNotes?

Students can use SparkNotes to better understand difficult text that they may not have understood on their own. In this way it is being used as a supplement to better understand a difficult reading that the student would otherwise not be able to access.”

What is the best book summary website?

Where to Find Book Summary Websites

  1. GetAbstract. GetAbstract is one of the big players in this industry, for good reason: it has the widest catalog, with over 20,000 summaries.
  2. Soundview.
  3. Blinkist.
  4. ReadItFor.Me.
  5. Summaries.
  6. Optimize.
  7. Readingraphics.
  8. Instaread.