Is Shadle Park High School 2A?

Is Shadle Park High School 2A?

The WIAA’s announcement of the size classifications for high schools for the next four seasons show many GSL schools dropping to lower classifications. Spokane and North Central High Schools in the GSL. But the big change comes at the 3A level, with Rogers and Shadle Park High Schools dropping from 3A to 2A.

What is the biggest High School in Spokane?

Largest High Schools in the Spokane Area

  • Central Valley High School. Central Valley School District, WA.
  • Lewis & Clark High School. Spokane School District, WA.
  • Mead Senior High School. Mead School District, WA.
  • Ferris High School.
  • Mt.
  • University High School.
  • Lake City High School.
  • Post Falls High School.

How many students attend Shadle Park High School?

Shadle Park High School/Number of students

When was Shadle Park High School built?

Shadle Park High School/Founded
Only a small fraction of this land was taken to build Shadle Park High School. In May of 1956, the firm of Culler, Gale, Martell and Norrie started construction. The structure was completed in 1957 with the total cost coming to $2,787,475.

What is the best school district in Spokane?

2022 Best School Districts in the Spokane Area

  • Mead School District. School District.
  • Central Valley School District. School District.
  • Spokane School District. School District.
  • Lakeland School District.
  • Kootenai School District.
  • West Valley School District.
  • Coeur d’Alene School District.
  • Nine Mile Falls School District.

What is Shadle Park mascot?

Mr. McTavish
Shadle Park High School/Mascot
Mascot/MacTavish MacTavish is our mascot embodied as a red headed, kilt wearing, costumed character.

Who is Shadle Park named?

Eugene A. Shadle
The Shadle Legacy The site selected for the school was on land donated to the City in 1944 by Josie Comstock Shadle. The land was to become Shadle Park, in honor of Josie’s husband, Eugene A. Shadle, who had recently died.

How many high schools are in Spokane Washington?

16 high schools
Spokane School District contains 16 high schools.

How many high schools are there in Spokane County?

seven high schools
Spokane Public Schools (District No. 81) is a public school district in Spokane County, Washington, and serves the city of Spokane. The district includes oversight and administration of seven high schools, six middle schools, and 34 elementary schools.