Is RST forks a good brand?

Is RST forks a good brand?

RSt forks are known to be low quality. The reason why you don’t see many high end bikes with them is it is not the worth the manufacturers money or RST’s money ot make higher end fork, no one wants a RST fork on their 3k rig.

Is RST suspension good?

The RST Stitch Coil is a stout all mountain fork with a stiff chassis and a simple, reliable damper. While it does not rival a top of the line fork in all areas of performance, it is a stand out in the category in terms of stiffness and overall ride characteristics.

How much do air forks weigh?

Air forks tend to weigh around 1500-1900 grams (3.3-4.2 lbs). Most coil forks weigh over 2000 grams (4.4 lbs). For cycling, a pound is a pretty significant weight savings. Air forks are lighter because the spring is provided by air, which weighs nothing.

What is an RST fork?

RST is a specialist for the design and production of suspension forks used in different disciplines. The company manufactures forks with good suspension systems for mountain bikes and urban bikes.

Are coil or air forks better?

Coil forks have some advantages over air suspension forks too, which has led to a number of mountain bikers converting their air suspension forks into coal forks. The main advantage of coil forks is the ride that they provide, coil forks are smoother – and provide greater performance where maximum travel is important.

Are RST First Air Forks any good?

This is the case with RST, which doesn’t quite benefit from the best brand image, due to the variety of low quality entry level forks which can be found on many low cost bicycles. However, RST First Air is a different product and you’re about to see why.

Is the new RST First Air a different product?

However, RST First Air is a different product and you’re about to see why. As we also had the occasion to test the 2011 model, I can already come up with a conclusion: in one season only, the new First Air has gone through major improvements, now reaching a high level of quality, better finishes but keeping relatively the same level of functioning.

What is an RST bike?

The RST brand achieved low pricing and widespread use of shock absorbers in the global bicycle market, meaning shock absorbers were no longer restricted to the realm of highly priced bicycles.