Is Roval made by Specialized?

Is Roval made by Specialized?

There are a number of familiar brands that offer similar products like Zipp, Enve and Mavic, and now Roval, owned by Specialized, is making a big push for your consideration. The line consists of three models, the CLX 32, CLX 50 and CLX 64, each model noting the rim depth.

Are Roval rims good?

Verdict. The Roval Traverse Alloy wheels have been an impressive performer, especially when considering the price. The ride is very comfortable with a good balance of support, providing confidence in even the wettest of conditions.

Are Roval hubs DT Swiss?

All Roval Mountain wheels use DT Swiss internals. Stock DT Swiss replacement freehub parts are compatible with the rear wheels.

What hubs do Roval wheels use?

Select Roval models – CL(X) 40 and CLX 64 – are available with SCS rear hubs for use on certain Specialized Tarmac, Roubaix, Diverge, and CruX Disc models. Endcaps are available to use these wheels in both QR and SCS thru-axle configurations.

Where is Roval made?

While a few other brands champion their American production facilities (Enve’s SES rims, for instance, are entirely manufactured and assembled in Utah), Roval wheels are manufactured and assembled in Taiwan.

Who makes Rovalhubs?

Specialized Re
Specialized Re-Launches Roval Wheels for 2019.

Are Roval hubs good?

They weigh just a touch more than their higher-priced competition, but they have a solid and dampened feel on the trail, and have the stiffness you expect from carbon with just enough flex to avoid being harsh. They’re built around reliable DT 350 hubs with a respectable 10-degree freehub engagement.

What is Roval AFD hub?

The Roval AFD hubs feature flanges that hide the spoke heads, just as Roval hubs did decades ago. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine – Cyclocross Magazine – Cyclocross and Gravel News, Races, Bikes, Media.

What is a Roval track?

As of the 2018 season, the event is run as a 400 kilometer (248.5 mi) race using the infield road course configuration the track calls “The Roval”; previously, the race was run at a distance of 500 miles using the regular oval. Kyle Larson is the defending winner of the event.

What are the specs of the Roval control 29 carbon wheels?

Tech Specs: Roval Control 29 Carbon wheelset 1 Price: $1,350 / £1,150 2 Weight: 680g front, 800g rear = 1,480g (valves and tapes fitted) 3 Material: Carbon 4 Width: 29mm (internal) 5 Tire format: Tubeless-ready, clincher (29er only) 6 Hubs: DT Swiss 7 Boost spacing: Yes More

How much does a roval control weigh?

The Roval Controls are a brilliant option for boosting performance without having to back off your aggressive trail expectations. Weight: 680g front, 800g rear = 1,480g (valves and tapes fitted) Roval Control SL 29in Carbon…

Can you buy individual parts for Roval wheels?

All Roval wheels are designed and tested as a system. This allows us to tune each wheelset specifically for the intended ride experience and deliver the highest quality wheels. For this reason, we do not offer individual components for sale. What Roval road wheels are tubeless compatible?

What are special specialized Roval control SL pro race wheels?

Specialized announced its super-light Roval Control SL Pro Race wheels last year and followed them up this spring with the new Control Carbons you see here. These wheels blend the same advanced carbon rim architecture of the SLs with off-the-shelf DT Swiss workhorse components. The result is a sub 1,500g wheelset for the price of just a rear SL.