Is robotic Prostate surgery Better?

Is robotic Prostate surgery Better?

With robotic surgery, patients have a shorter hospital stay and recover more quickly. Doctors have a better chance of not leaving behind parts of a malignant tumor. And this type of surgery is actually easier to master than the traditional open variety. Behind many of these advantages is precision.

Who is a candidate for robotic prostate surgery?

What type of patients are candidates for robotic prostatectomy? Robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy is used to treat patients who have clinically localized prostate cancer. Most patients who are candidates for open radical prostatectomy are also excellent candidates for the robotic approach.

How long does it take to recover from prostate robotic surgery?

With robotic-assisted surgery, the recovery time is as little as 2-3 weeks. Depending on age and health, most patients can also expect to have their potency return with or without the use of oral medications.

How long is hospital stay after prostate removal?

After Prostatectomy: What to Expect At the hospital : You should expect to be in the hospital for one night. At Johns Hopkins, all rooms on the urology floor are private. Here, nurses help patients get moving shortly after surgery to prevent blood clots and other postoperative risks.

Is Robotic prostate surgery painful?

There, the patient typically has little pain, but may feel as if he has to urinate due to the presence of the urinary catheter, which will stay in for 5-6 days. There will also be a drain coming from one of the five small incisions, and this will be taken out typically the next day just before going home.

Do urologists perform robotic surgery to treat prostate cancer?

UChicago Medicine urologists regularly perform robotic surgery to treat prostate cancer. Surgery to remove the prostate gland (prostatectomy) is a common treatment for localized prostate cancer.

Why UChicago Medicine for robotic urology?

The urology program at UChicago Medicine has one of the largest and most experienced robotic surgery teams in the country. Our urologists pioneered robot-assisted surgery for prostate cancer in the early 2000s and have performed more than 5,000 prostatectomies since that time.

What is a radical prostatectomy?

Because the prostate gland is surrounded by nerves and involved in other structures important for sexual function and urination, radical prostatectomy is a complex procedure that requires a highly experienced urologist.

Why robotic surgery at UI Health?

The Robotic Surgery Program at UI Health provides minimally invasive solutions for a number of general surgery services, including endocrine, gastrointestinal, and thoracic surgeries.