Is OSD a DoD component?

Is OSD a DoD component?

Notice that OSD as a whole is also considered a DoD Component. By law, the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense are the “heads” of OSD.

What devices does the openpilot 15 version support?

This version supports Revolution Nano, Revolution, OPLink Modems, and Platinum GPS. This version supports the CopterControl, CC3D, Atom, and Revo as well as the OPLink Modems. OpenPilot-RELEASE-15.02.02-win32.exe

Is opoplink hardware supported by ArduPilot?

OPLink hardware is not supported by ArduPilot, but this port exposes external SPI pins (SCK, CS, MOSI, MISO) that can be used for supported SPI periphereals like SD card adapters or SPI OSD breakout boards (requires additions to hardware definition file and compiling a custom firmware).

Do all openpilot products use the same ground control station?

All OpenPilot products use the same Ground Control Station. OpenPilot GCS is currently available for the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. OPENPILOT WAS DISCONTINUED!