Is Max word in Scrabble?

Is Max word in Scrabble?

Max is valid Scrabble Word.

What word ends with ax?

5-letter words that end in ax

  • relax.
  • borax.
  • galax.
  • addax.
  • dewax.
  • hyrax.
  • retax.
  • rewax.

What 3 letter word ends in of?

3-letter words that end in of

  • dof.
  • oof.
  • wof.
  • tof.
  • rof.
  • xof.
  • zof.
  • nof.

What words end with words?


  • password.
  • foreword.
  • buzzword.
  • headword.
  • stopword.
  • loanword.
  • cussword.
  • overword.

Is Max a real word?

Max. is the abbreviation for maximum.

What word ends in J?

Words Ending in ‘J’

  • 3 Letter Words. haj13 raj10 taj10
  • 4 Letter Words. benj13 hadj15 hajj21
  • 5 Letter Words. aflaj15 basij14 falaj15
  • 6 Letter Words. baseej15 svaraj16 swaraj16

What is a five letter word ending in a?

5-letter words ending with A

abaca abada
Acela aceta
Acoma Adana
Adria adyta
Aeaea aecia

What is a 4 letter word that ends with a?

The Four Letter Words Ending In A are Nova, Soda, Cola, Diva, Yoga, Puma, Tuba, Aura, Mama, Lava, Idea, etc.

Are Ending words?

4 letter words ending with ‘are’:

  • bare. care. dare. fare. hare.
  • aware. blare. chare. flare. glare.
  • aglare. beware. curare. decare.
  • airfare. barware. carfare. caviare.
  • caneware. centiare. clayware. cookware.
  • aftercare. antiglare. broodmare. chinaware.
  • courseware. dinnerware. enamelware. foursquare.
  • antiwelfare. crackleware. earthenware. graniteware.

What is a word ending called?

In linguistics, a suffix is an affix which is placed after the stem of a word. Common examples are case endings, which indicate the grammatical case of nouns, adjectives, and verb endings, which form the conjugation of verbs. An inflectional suffix is sometimes called a desinence or a grammatical suffix.

What words start with Max?

12-letter words that start with max. maximization. maximisation. maxillectomy. maxillojugal. maxillarieae. maximteatern.

What does the root word max mean?

Definition & Meaning: Max Root Word. What does it mean? Maximum refers to the largest possible quantity. ‘Maximum’ is derived from the root ‘max’ which means the greatest. Mumbai isknown as the Maximum City because it is the financial capital of India, a major manufacturing hub, home of the busiest Indian airport and the busiest Indian seaport.

What is another word for Max?

Synonyms for Max: adj. •most (adjective) largest, ultimate, highest, biggest. •ultimate (adjective) paramount, superlative, topmost, unsurpassable, supreme. n. •apex (noun) greatest, maximum, pinnacle, summit, most.