Is Luxaflex expensive?

Is Luxaflex expensive?

Why are Luxaflex so expensive? The simple answer is they are the blind trade’s designer brand. Unlike many designer brands you are not just paying for the same product with a fancy label. So if really want to make a feature of your windows then Luxaflex is the only place to look, but at a price.

Are Duette blinds any good?

Duette Blinds are extremely effective at stopping heat or cold escaping and dubbed “the next best thing to double glazing”. Their cells form insulating air traps, while the fabric can reflect heat. The overall effect is to help keep a home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Who owns luxaflex?

Hunter Douglas Group
Luxaflex® – Hunter Douglas Group.

Who owns Luxaflex?

What are luxaflex Duette shades?

Luxaflex® Duette® Shades are versatile window coverings, suitable for large-sized windows, round windows and special shaped windows. Along with Pleated Blinds, no other blinds are so versatile. The honeycomb structured fabric has a good impact on the indoor climate and energy consumption.

Why choose luxaflex roller blinds?

Choose from energy-saving Duette Shades and sophisticated Panel Glide Blinds to seamless Modern Roman Shades and perennial favourites, Luxaflex Roller Blinds. Luxaflex blinds come in a range of gorgeous, contemporary fabrics with different opacities to let you control light flow.

What are Duette shades made of?

Duette® Shades are the premier brand of ‘honeycomb’ or ‘cellular’ shades. They’re made of two or more layers of pleated, reinforced fabrics bonded together and joined at the pleats to form compartments of trapped air. Durable, elegant and versatile, Duette® Shades provide the ultimate design with maximum functionality.

Are Duette shades easy to clean?

This not only means that cleaning is easy, but you can also breathe easy with Duette® Shades. Their linear shape looks crisp and clean; the honeycomb profile creates interesting shapes with tones of highlight and shade on the blinds themselves.